The smart way to access data

Access data even when you are out on site! With Mobitron’s user friendly APP, you can simplify the daily work by transferring and accessing the data results directly on your Smartphone or tablet without additional equipment. Mobitron’s APP is one of the technical solutions that Mobitron will highlight at the CWIEME exhibition 20-22 June in Berlin.

By using Mobitron’s APP you can immediately see if the alarm levels have been exceeded, and thereby be able to act against future damage, both during transport, as well as before installation or use. The data is transferred via Bluetooth®from the Cargolog®Impact Recorder and gives you fast reading of the measurement results.

With your Smartphone/tablet you have all information gathered and you can always examine the results. Data files are visible both as a table and graph. For impact recorders with GPS, you can also see the GPS positions of the incidents which are marked out on a map.

Cargolog® Impact Recorder System, a wireless data logging system using built-in sensors for monitoring demanding transports. The Impact Recorder is attached directly onto your goods to measure and register potential accident and provides you with information regarding how your products are being handled throughout the entire logistics chain.


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