Optimise your fleet with Modul-Connect PRO’s unique modules connected to the Customer Portal

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Modul-Connect PRO is a modular platform tailored for optimisation of vehicle fleets in several areas. Fleet managers can follow their fleet, in real time, on a map via the Customer Portal. The map shows the vehicles’ current position, historical routes, if they are overweight or if the chassis battery is running low. To facilitate the administrative work, Modul-Connect PRO can provide auto-generated driving logs and toll reports for each driver, which can be easily accessed from the phone or the Customer Portal.

It is a matter of course that all fleets have different needs. Modul-Connect PRO is your modular platform for optimisation of your particular fleet. Choose from several modules and tailor the platform to suit your needs.

“We want to be able to offer a complete solution for everyone, but at the same time we understand that each fleet is unique, so we do not want to limit ourselves and make the range to narrow, but instead make the range modular for more opportunities for unique tailor-made solutions”, says Thomas Johansson, Vice President of Modul-System

The modules are visualised in a user-friendly Customer Portal, which gives you as a fleet manager an easy overview of your fleer. To optimise your fleet’s routes, there is a function where you can follow the vehicles with exact position and completed routes, battery status and weight from the weighing system. You can get valuable information by tracking you fleer digitally and see deviations which can be improved by optimising routes. Kilometres, time and emission can be reduced.

“By presenting and visualising valuable data, we make it easier for our customers to streamline their operation”, says Thomas Johansson

Modul-Connect PRO and the Customer Portal enables you as a customer to receive auto-generated driving journals and toll reports for easy download, which can be used for monthly taxation purposes. The driver easily categorises the trips via the Modul-Connect App as either ‘Private’ or ‘Business’ and note the purpose of the trip. The driver can also set a schedule for when they are in ‘Private’ or ‘Business’ mode. The Driving Journal is created to meet the legal requirements and prepare the fleet manager for any tax audit.    

”We have seen a demand from companies and customers for this type of functionality. Keeping a manual driving journal simply takes too much time and the driving journal risk becoming incorrect. With our Customer Portal, it will both be easier and more accurate”, says Thomas Johansson.

All data from the vehicles are saved for easy analysis of historical data for you as a fleet manager. With a weighing system installed in the vehicles, you get detailed reports of all overweight journeys for further analysis and development of the business. If the weighing system senses overweight, a warning is sent to both the driver and the fleet manager.

Later in the year, several new modules for the Modul-Connect PRO platform will be introduced, including a motion sensor for burglar alarms, asset trackers to prevent tool loss and a temperature and humidity sensor.

”Loss of tools is a big problem in the craftsman industry and with burglar alarms and asset trackers, we have the opportunity to make a big difference”, says Thomas Johansson. 

Emma Schöön
Product Manager, Modul-System HH AB
+46(0)31 746 87 09, emma.schoon@modul-system.com

Modul-System develops, manufactures and installs racking systems for service vehicles. The company is represented in 50 countries and has over 45 years of experience in the industry. Modul-System is part of the Lifco group. Its head office is located in Mölndal just outside Gothenburg. For more information, please visit www.modul-system.com.