Modular Finance: Launches the digital insider logbook Strictlog

Strictlog is a digital logbook created to secure and streamline the workflow connected to the new Market Abuse Regulations (MAR). New requirements on documentation call for new digital operation methods which minimize time consumption and cost.

Strictlog has been developed so that this important process is operated in a user friendly, correct and fully compliant way. The product development has been carried out in close co-operation with existing customers of Modular Finance to ensure an optimal and reality-based process.

All data in the platform is encrypted, both in transit and at rest, and all processes conform to the obligation of an irreversible modus operandi, required by the Swedish FSA. Login and data storage are conducted under the highest possible security conditions.

“We already work with a major portion of the companies listed on the Swedish Large Cap and Mid Cap. Strictlog is in many ways a result of the continuous dialogue with these customers. It will be an exciting addition to our product portfolio” says Petter Hedborg, CEO and founder of Modular Finance.

“Our developer team has great experience in cryptography and Modular Finance web based systems will always focus on simplicity and speed in its user experience. Hence the decision to develop Strictlog came naturally, it is a powerful tool with a clear benefit” says Måns Flodberg, deputy CEO and founder of Modular Finance.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about Strictlog!


Petter Hedborg

CEO and founder of Modular Finance

+46 709 42 41 13

Måns Flodberg

Deputy CEO and founder of Modular Finance

+46 702 83 11 99

About Modular Finance

Modular Finance was founded in 2013 by Petter Hedborg and Måns Flodberg who previously created the investor platform Introduce when they were studying at Stockholms School of Economics. The platform was later sold to Remium in 2012. The CTO of Modular Finance, Rasmus Holm, has experience from both Netlight and Spotify. Apart from the founders and the CTO, Rite Ventures is one of the early investors in the company. Other investments by Rite Ventures include Unibet, Neonet and Nebula.

The ambition for Modular Finance is to be the market leading developer of new digital tools and platforms for the financial market. By combining a genuine passion for the stock market and IT, the goal is to create invaluable tools for companies and investors.


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