Mölnlycke acquires German wound care company SastoMed GmbH

The world-leading medical solutions company, Mölnlycke, has acquired German wound care products company, SastoMed GmbH. The deal adds new, award-winning products to Mölnlycke’s offer – enabling it to further help healthcare professionals and patients by accelerating the wound healing process and treating chronic wounds.

As of today, SastoMed GmbH joins the Mölnlycke family, bringing two innovative and complementary products to Mölnlycke’s wound care portfolio:

  • Granulox®: a haemoglobin-based topical oxygen therapy spray that is sprayed on wounds for faster wound healing.
  • Granudacyn®ahypochlorous wound irrigation solution for cleaning, moistening and rinsing of acute, chronic and contaminated wounds, and first and second degree burns.

The addition of the new products will enable Mölnlycke to lead the way in both active and passive wound healing.

‘Today, chronic wounds, such as foot ulcers, have a higher mortality rate than both breast cancer and prostate cancer and the real burden of ulcers is not yet fully known or understood. Mölnlycke will now be able to offer healthcare professionals – and patients – solutions to support both active and passive healing. We can therefore offer a holistic approach to wound treatment through our portfolio’, says Mölnlycke CEO, Richard Twomey. 

Award-winning products

With the acquisition of SastoMed GmbH, Mölnlycke adds another award-winning product to its wound care offer. Earlier this year, Granulox won the 2018 Innovation Award at EWMA (European Wound Management Association)[1] Congress in Krakow thanks to its ability to advance the healing process. Studies report that Granulox can reduce total costs of initial Diabetic foot ulcers treatment by around 60% a year.[2]

Complementary innovation and sales capabilities

Over the past few years, Mölnlycke has invested in organic R&D to meet customer needs and bring innovative products to the market. The acquisition complements this investment with new technology and capabilities, further accelerating Mölnlycke’s potential for product innovation.

Furthermore, both Granulox and Granudacyn fit into Mölnlycke’s strategy to be a category leader within the wound care space.

Share the desire to help patients

While Granulox is currently available in more than 24 countries, SastoMed’s main customer base is in Germany, South East Asia and Central and Latin America. Mölnlycke will expand the geographical reach of Granulox and Granudacyn through its worldwide distribution network and sales organisation. With customers and a salesforce in South East Asia and Central and Latin America, the acquisition of SastoMed also enables Mölnlycke to expand its presence in key growth markets.

The founder of SastoMed, Michael Sander, comments: ‘We share Mölnlycke’s desire to advance healthcare around the world. Too often, patients experience slow wound healing since no appropriate therapy is available to overcome the lack of oxygen in the wound tissue. Now we feel it´s the right time to pass the baton to the leading company in advanced wound care, in order to make our unique products available to as many patients as possible.’


  1. SastoMed GmbH wins Wound care Innovation Award, https://www.alirahealth.com/news/sastomed-gmbh-wins-wound-care-innovation-award/
  2. Oxygen wound therapy: The clinical and cost impact of using topical haemoglobin spray (Granulox®). London: Wounds UK, 2017. Available to download from: www.wounds-uk.com 

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About SastoMed GmbH

SastoMed is a German Biotech company, belonging to the SanderStrothmann Group of companies. The enterprises focus on developing innovative products in the field of medical device, cosmetics and biocidal products. SastoMed was founded in 2010 to develop, register and commercialise an oxygen based wound treatment. Found out more at granulox.com


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'Today, chronic wounds, such as foot ulcers, have a higher mortality rate than both breast cancer and prostate cancer and the real burden of ulcers is not yet fully known or understood. '
Richard Twomey, CEO Mölnlycke