Half of the top 20 big pharma are now part of Monocl's customer portfolio

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  • Monocl reaches one of its most significant milestones to date, less than three years post launch
  • 50% of top 20 big pharma and 50% of top 10 instrument manufacturers globally are now part of the customer portfolio

Monocl, the leader in life sciences stakeholder mapping and engagement, has reached its annual target and added a range of global leading customers to its cloud-based stakeholder platform. The global customer portfolio includes companies such as Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, AstraZeneca, Amgen, ThermoFisher Scientific, Agilent and Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Björn Carlsson, CEO of Monocl: “The team should be very proud over what they have accomplished so far. We are fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the industry and it is great to see that our relentless focus on the end-user experience is paying off. We will be making several big releases in the coming months to provide our users with an even greater competitive advantage when targeting and building relationships with opinion leaders, customers and key influencers across the world. We are just getting started.”

About Monocl
Monocl enables professionals to work smarter with the right stakeholders. Our cloud-based stakeholder platform empowers you to find, prioritize and build closer relationships with the right stakeholders, regardless if you are working with medical or scientific experts, opinion leaders, physicians, investigators, prospects or customers. The platform offers unparalleled global coverage and contains millions of intuitive stakeholder profiles, each offering a 360-degree perspective to help you understand relevant research, key collaborations, business relationships and much more to maximize your efficiency, decision-making and business performance.
To learn more, visit www.monocl.com.

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E-mail: felix.jansson@monocl.com
Phone: +46 739 429 909


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