Worried about Ice Dams?

Moonworks may be able to help decrease the risk of an ice dam forming in Rhode Island and Massachusetts homes

WOONSOCKET, RHODE ISLAND – 02/09/2011 – Moonworks, a home improvement company based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, wants to stress the importance of properly maintaining your home’s roof and gutters this winter in order to decrease the chances of an ice dam forming.

It seems like everywhere you go, people are talking about raking their roofs and the perils of ice dams.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners should visually inspect their roofs and gutters in order to spot areas where ice dams are most likely to form.  However, you must know what an ice dam is before you can spot one.  In our article, we go into detail about what is an ice dam and how are ice dams formed

Unfortunately, there is not a way to eliminate your home’s risk of developing an ice dam.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners, however, can implement some of our short term and long term solutions in order to minimize their risk of ice dams.

Some options discussed include Moonworks’ Heated Helmet product which is used in conjunction with our Gutter Helmet gutter protection system.  The self regulating coil allows ice and snow to melt off of the roof, decreasing your chances of ice building up and forming an ice dam.  Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners can also add more insulation and proper ventilation to their homes.  This may help melt the snow and ice and prevent it from freezing in under-insulated or improperly ventilated areas.

If your home has already fallen victim to the ice dam, Moonworks’ certified roofing team can come out and replace your leaking roof with a new one that contains proper ventilation.  If a short term solution is needed, our roofing team can come out to your home and safely remove the snow from your roof.  This is a dangerous task and should be done by professional whenever possible.

If you want to read more about ice dams, rook raking and ways you can minimize your home’s risk of winter damage, be sure to check out our article: Ice Dams Rhode Island Massachusetts for more information.  If your home needs any of Moonworks’ services, including Heated Helmet, roof raking, insulation and other roofing products be sure to call us at 1-800-975-6666 for a free consultation.

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