Revellers at refurbished Brighton nightclub protected by Morley-IAS technology

Morley-IAS DXc1 panel and System Sensor devices installed in revamp of long-established seafront venue

Morley-IAS fire protection has been selected to protect Patterns, a nightclub and bar on Brighton seafront which has undergone a complete refurbishment after a change of ownership.With a heritage of three decades, the two-floor venue in Marine Parade reopened in May this year with a new name, style and music policy.Capable of accommodating 600 people in total, the venue is divided over two levels. The ground floor is used as a café and bar during the day and nightclub from 9pm, while the lower ground floor is entirely devoted to night-time music entertainment provided by resident and guest DJs.Fire alarm protection was installed at the venue in three weeks by Brighton firm and Morley-IAS customer Sovereign Alarms, deploying a Morley-IAS DX Connexion 1 panel networked to System Sensor devices. The fire network has been programmed so that staff alerted to a threat by flashing wall beacons have three minutes in which to investigate the cause before the club’s sound system is shut down and an evacuation announcement is made over the public address system.The alarm panel is sited next to the bar on the ground floor and as well as shutting off the sound system in the event of an unresolved alert, has interfaces that cut off the gas supply and link it to the intruder alarm system. Multi-sensor detection devices were selected for their flexibility, as when the building is closed, fire threats are detected with optical smoke technology, but when trading, all detectors automatically switch to heat. The club’s kitchen is covered by standard heat detection and manual call-points are also provided in staff areas.“We chose a Morley-IAS panel because it does precisely what we wanted it to do and is very competitively priced,” said Matt Gillam, Sovereign Alarm contracts manager. “Multi-sensor technology is the way to go in nightclubs when it comes to eradicating false alarms. At Patterns, Morley-IAS gave us the flexibility we needed.”For more information on Sovereign Alarms visit:

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