EMO Hannover: MotulTech will be represented at the world’s largest trade fair for metalworking

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Cologne, 20/08/2019: Innovation, product diversity and expertise – Motul, the French lubricant specialist, will present its high-tech products for the metalworking industry at EMO Hannover 2019. At the MotulTech booth, specialists will be available to answer all questions visitors may have about coolants and lubricants as well as the corresponding MotulTech products. Motul offers three versatile cooling lubricants targeting high-performance emulsions (Stabilis), semi-synthetic fluids (Safkool) and synthetic fluids (Biocool).

The world’s leading trade fair for metalworking will run from 16 to 21 September 2019. Visitors to the MotulTech booth (Messe Hannover, Hall 6, Booth J55) will have the opportunity to see all the products of the French lubricant manufacturer covering a wide range of applications in metal-cutting metalworking. ‘We are ecstatic to be represented this year at one of the world’s most important trade fairs for metalworking with our specialists,’ says Thomas Kneer, Sales Manager for Industrial Lubricants at MotulTech. ‘The focus of the MotulTech trade fair exhibit at our 20 square metre booth will be on the Stabilis, Safkool and Biocool product lines.’ 

Three MotulTech product groups for highly specialised application areas 

The Stabilis series is used for the machining of aluminium, especially in the automotive industry. The Safkool assortment offers best compromise between lubrication and cooling and it is compatible with most materials and machining processes,’ explains Motul specialist Kneer. ‘The stand-out features of this series are low foaming, good biostability and suitability for machining all types of metals. Biocool is powered by high-performance additives that protect against corrosion and provide high cooling performance. It keeps the machine environment clean due to low oil mist formation.’ 

Large MotulTech product assortment 

Besides the three product groups mentioned above, the MotulTech product assortment also includes several others, including Supracut and Supragrind. These cutting and grinding oils ensure extended tool life.  

Visit the MotulTech booth and win MotoGP tickets 

Visitors to the MotulTech booth will also have the opportunity to experience Motul’s core competence up close: the motorcycle motorsport. Two VIP tickets for MotoGP at the Sachsenring motorsport racing circuit will be raffled off. The tickets include free entry to the event, access to the Motul VIP Lounge and, of course, the opportunity to experience a world-class motorcycle race.  

This is where you will find the MotulTech booth at the Hannover trade show: Hall 6, Booth J55. For additional information, please go to: 


EMO Hannover: MotulTech will be represented at the world’s largest trade fair for metalworking.


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About EMO

EMO (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil)  is the world’s largest trade fair for metalworking and takes place every two years in Hannover/Hanover/Milan. Over the course of six days, around 130,000 visitors will have the opportunity to find the best products to meet their special needs from over 2000 national and international exhibitors at the trade fair.

About Motul

Motul is a traditional French company operating internationally. MOTUL Deutschland GmbH, founded in 1980, markets its products via automotive showrooms, workshops and the specialist trade, serving those channels as a thoroughly competent point of contact. Globally Motul has a leading role in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality lubricants for automobiles and motorbikes, among many other areas of application. With MotulTech, the lubricants manufacturer also offers products for industrial applications. Notably in the realm of synthetic lubricants, Motul ranks as simply the specialist. As early as 1971, Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to launch an fully synthetic, ester-based engine oil on the market: Motul 300V – a technology originally deployed in aeronautics. Today, thanks to Motul’s long-standing experience in racing sports, it is considered a renowned partner to the motor-sport scene; in this area and elsewhere, it is always working on the latest technological developments. With its unique expertise and innovative power, Motul provides support to numerous racing-sport teams, nationally and internationally.

About MotulTech

MotulTech is a division of the Motul Group, an international French industrial group that has been specialising in high-performance lubricants for 150 years.MotulTech develops, produces and markets industrial high-tech lubricants for the machining and transformation of metals as well as for high-performance lubrication of industrial plants.
Further information is available at www.motul.de and http://pressroom.motul.com/login.

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