Richard Juhlin meets Hong Kong on the 12th of November

Mr. Richard Juhlin is in Hong Kong for the launch of his self titled  de-alcoholized premium sparkling wine Richard Juhlin Jubilée Blanc de Blancs. Mr. Juhlin, recognized as the world's leading champagne connoisseur has in collaboration with the Swedish wine house MRG Wines developed a sparkling wine containing 100% chardonnay and 0% alcohol.

Consumers today demand originality, quality, well balanced aromas and flavors. At first when Richard was asked to develope a nonalcoholic premium wine he was hestitant; “I must admit that, I am very happy that MRG Wines gave me a call and said, ’Richard, we want you to produce the perfect non-alcoholic sparkling wine.’ When I got the first call I said to my wife, “it’s impossible, but I will give it a try.”

Even if Richard hesitated for a moment it always felt natural for him to start developing a non-alcoholic premium wine. He feels that wine should not mainly have to be about alcohol and argues that there must be a balance of both what we drink and how we drink. 

“After we made some trials, it was quite clear that the most essential part was to pick perfect chardonnay, the same type of characteristics as we have in Chablis as in champagne. So we picked only the purest chardonnay from Languedoc, with a very low maturity to get the right kind of crispness all the time, and a high level of acidity, which is even more important when you don't have the alcohol.”

Non-alcoholic sparkling wines have until now kept an uneven quality according to Richard, but after months of research and tests he has succeeded in developing and producing a modern sparkling wine for the premium market. Richard Juhlin Jubilée Blanc de Blancs has taken Sweden by storm and is now ready to reveal itself to the rest of the world.  

Welcome to join us at the Champagne Gallery, Hullett House in Hong Kong for the launching of our new premium wine Richard Juhlin Jubilée Blanc de Blancs and an opportunity to meet Mr. Juhlin on the 12th of November at 7pm-10pm.


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