Everyday.com internet portal in eleven countries - launched in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg

EVERYDAY.COM INTERNET PORTAL IN ELEVEN COUNTRIES - LAUNCHED IN GERMANY, SWITZERLAND AND LUXEMBOURG Société Européenne de Communication ("SEC" or "the Group"), a leading alternative pan-European provider of telecommunications and related services, today announced the launch of the internet portal Everyday.com in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Everyday.com provides services in communication including free e-mail, SMS, news and content and e-commerce, in addition to free internet access. Everyday.com AB is a joint venture between NetCom AB and Modern Times Group MTG AB and aims to establish, operate and continuously develop a broad commercial internet portal. Through a franchise agreement, SEC is able to use the Everyday.com brand and the underlying technology to offer free internet access to Tele2 and third party customers. SEC rents infrastructure from existing ISPs, thereby avoiding additional network costs, in all locations except in Luxembourg, where SEC operates its own ISP. Anders Björkman, SEC's President and CEO, comments: "Since we signed our franchise agreement with Everyday.com in September 1999, we have embarked upon an accelerated roll out programme of the Everyday.com portal, internet service provider and content across Europe. We have now completed our rollout in the existing Tele2 operations and the Everyday.com service is also available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The current focus within Everyday.com is to expand the service offering in order to strengthen our relationships with our Tele2 customers. In Switzerland we are offering a bundled package of telecommunications services comprising fixed line telephony, Tele2 Mobile and now, Everyday.com. We aim to leverage our customer base in other locations, where possible, to the same extent." Everyday.com is also available in the following SEC countries: The Netherlands, France, Austria and Italy. For further information, please contact Anders Björkman, president and CEO, SEC, at +352 27 750 101, Pelle Törnberg, president and CEO, MTG, at +46-8 562 000 50 or Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, president and CEO, NetCom at +46-8 562 640 00 MTG is listen on the OM Stockholm Echange´s O list (symbol: MTG) and on Nasdaq (symbol: MTGNY). NetCom is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange´s O list (symbol: NCOM) and on Nasdaq (symbol: NECS). SEC A and B shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, on Nasdaq under the symbols SECAY and SECBY, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbols SEN1 and SEN2, and the OM Stockholm Exchange´s O List under the symbols SECA and SECB. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/13/20000613BIT00900/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/13/20000613BIT00900/bit0002.pdf

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