New innovation can save millions

Multi Channel Sweden proves theories in large scale test

Örnsköldsvik 17 October 2017: Multi Channel Sweden AB have invented a new type of wood chipper, Flexchippertm. A recent test in a Swedish mill gave proof to savings worth millions sek. If all mills in Sweden were to utilise this type of chippers, MCS calculates that savings could reach hundereds of millions sek per year.

- I hope mills around the world realise the savings possible with our machine, and especially the Swedish mills so we can keep our production competivness, comments the President of the company Sten Häggström.

The money saved comes from a better utilisation of the log, I.E more pulp from the log due to less over and undersized chips, and that reduced variation in size on the chips increases the production of pulp in the boiler. The possibility to adjust chip size online is a unique feature, and one of the patended part in the equipment.

To acomplish that with half of the installed effect compared to industry standard, and reduction of knife exhanges with 50 % also adds to the savings, Sten happily continues.

The test was carried out in June 2017 in collaboration with the mill, Umeå University, and MoRe Research AB

For further information contact

Member of the Board MCS AB Nicklas Boström +46 70-624 94 11

Chairman of the Board MCS AB: P-G Jonasson +46 70-3309519

Senior Advisor MoRe Research Sture Noreus, +46 660-75407


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