Continued MultiQ growth in Germany

MultiQ has obtained a significant increase of the previously requested pilot order for specially designed screens. The total value of the order now amounts to approx. SEK 6 million. The order will be delivered successively during 2005. IT company LexCom, a leading supplier of IT based infrastructure solutions, is placing the order. The customers are mainly service workshops for the car industry. LexCom has currently approx. 10 000 installations, which will be successively replaced during a 3-5 year period. The order for customer adapted flat screens, is especially important since the same volume is expected during the three coming years, when MultiQ’s products will form part of the system that will replace the current installations. Jonas Wästberg, CEO MultiQ International AB, is happy with the development of the German market. “The effort put on our own sales staff and local presence is now bearing fruit. Since we are noticing an increase in activity on the German market, we intend to expand our own local sales force.”


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