Continued MultiQ growth in Germany

MultiQ received yet another major order from its German partner BA-Tech to a value of approx. SEK 6 mill. And so, this is the second major order from BA-Tech in a short period of time. This order, too, is for specially designed screens for different industrial applications. Commencement of the deliveries for the order was 2004 and will be concluded in 2005.

BA-Tech is one of several partners on the German market and MultiQ expects several important orders in the near future. Since 2003, MultiQ has collaborated with BA-Tech, which is based in the south of German and has a focus on the selling of screens for different industrial applications. The unique features of the MultiQ screen are well suited for the demands on quality put on, for instance, machine constructors and their sub-contractors. Local presence is essential; that “all business is local" may be an overused expression, but it really is true when you are working in the highly competitive German market, says MultiQ CEO Jonas Wästberg. The effort placed on local sales personnel is paying off and so MultiQ intends to increase its market operations during the next year by allocating more sales resources to the German market. During 2004, two new local offices have opened and the company intends to open more during 2005. MultiQ has chosen to focus on a fewer interesting segments on the German market. It is the focus of market operations that have now yielded results. An interesting market segment that is being prioritised is screens for technical medical equipment. MultiQ will, therefore, be represented at the Medeka fair in Düsseldorf at the end of November. Among other things, MultiQ’s new technical medical equipment with approved screens will be presented at the fair.


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