Elrum recommends MultiQ for people who are oversensitive to electricity

The Elrum in Skellefteå is recommending the MQ156EF EmissionFree monitor by MultiQ to its customers. Elrum was Sweden´s first experimental workplace for people who are oversensitive to electricity. It has conducted extensive, long-term testing of the MultiQ monitor, both the standard design and using automobile batteries. In the words of Martin Larsson, Elrum manager in Skellefteå, "MultiQ is an excellent option for those who experience problems with other flat monitors. We tested the product over a period of nine months with a number of people and received a very positive response." Ergonomics represents one of the cornerstones of MultiQ´s business concept. The company has worked for many years to design monitors that do not release electrical emissions. According to Martin Gullberg, Nordic marketing manager and one of MultiQ´s founders, "It´s gratifying to win Elrum´s seal of approval as confirmation that we have been heading in the right direction." MultiQ´s patented PURETECH technology, along with additional encapsulation and shielding built into the MQ156EF monitor, has permitted reductions of both electrical and magnetic emissions to below the levels measurable by the Swedish Board for Testing and Approval of Electrical Equipment. As a result, even people who are oversensitive to electricity can use the monitor. High-resolution images are available at http://www.multiq.se under Press Center/Photo Gallery/Products. If you would like additional information or want to try out the product, please contact: Ann-Charlotte Eriksson, Marketing Phone: +46 8-564 35489 Mobile: +46 709 743509 Email: ac@multiq.se Jonathan Nilsson, CEO Phone: +46 40 143500 Mobile: +46 709 743538 Email: jonathan.nilsson@multiq.se Martin Larsson, Elrum Phone: +46 910 77 88 91

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