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• Invoicing amounted to SEK 86 million (SEK 82 million) • Profit/loss before tax amounted to SEK -11.9 million (SEK -37.2 million) • Continued cost reduction for improved profitability • Strategic orders gained in Germany and England • Further important framework agreement concluded with order value SEK 35 million The business Invoicing during the first nine months of the year amounted to SEK 86 million, which is higher than the corresponding period from the preceding year (SEK 82 million). During the first quarter of the year the order flow was weak, leading to low invoicing during the second quarter. However both the order flow and the invoicing have continued to grow during the third quarter. The costs mass in the group, cleansed of comparison-distorting items, has fallen by c. 17% compared with the same period in 2001. We expect that this trend will also continue during the fourth quarter. MultiQs operating profit/loss for the first nine months of the year amounted to SEK -12.5 million (SEK -37/6 million), and the profit/loss after financial items amounted to SEK -11.9 million (SEK -37.2 million). During the period a very important framework agreement was concluded with the internationally active Ikea Group. MultiQ will supply flat screens to all the Ikea stores over a 3-5 year period. These deliveries commenced during the latter part of the period. Similarly the deliveries to Statoil commenced during the period. These are handled by the groups Norwegian subsidiary, which is a market leader within the home-PC sector. Yet another important framework agreement has been concluded with an international system integrator that is active within, for example, the retail trade. This agreement stretches over a 5-year period and the deliveries will be made gradually with a start being made during the 4th quarter of 2002. The total order value is estimated at SEK 35 million. In addition to a number of major orders received within the airport sector, there have been important breakthroughs registered in Germany and England. The orders have been within both the retail and industrial sectors. This reflects the strength of the custom design flat monitors concept, i.e. customer-adjusted and robust flat screens. We have registered a markedly increased interest from customers within the retail sector with regard to computer equipment and flat screens being able to harmonise with the surrounding shop environment, which is the core of the groups business. >Market development The market for flat screens continues to grow sharply and currently constitutes at least 30% of the total market in Sweden. This trend is expected to continue and, towards the end of 2002, it is predicted that 50% of the open market will be comprised of flat screens. This development makes it possible, for example, for the manufacturing costs of the picture element, i.e. the principal component of a screen, to fall. Similarly the access to picture elements is greater than previously. Against the background of the market growth, together with an increased interest in customer-adapted flat screens, we anticipate a further increase in the order flow during the remainder of the year. Financial position The groups liquid funds amounted to SEK 5.2 million (SEK 3.2 million). As at 30 September about SEK 20 million of the operating capital lies tied up in stocks in respect of major customer projects that will be finally delivered during the fourth quarter. During this quarter the cash liquidity will improve. Solvency amounted to 27.3% (61.6%). Investments in fixed assets amounted to SEK 0.5 million during the period (SEK 1.2 million). The parent company The parent companys operating profit/loss amounted to SEK -3.2 million (SEK -13.0 million). The outcome after financial items amounted to SEK -5.8 million (SEK -13.1 million). Investments in fixed assets in the parent company amounted to SEK 0 million. Liquid funds as at 30 September 2002 amounted to SEK 0.1 million. Accounting principles This present interim report has been drawn up in accordance with the Accountancy Councils recommendation pertaining to Interim Reports (RR:20). The same accounting principles and methods of calculation have been employed in the quarterly report as in the latest annual accounts. An application of the Accountancy Council’s recommendation RR:9 affords the company the opportunity to post a deferred tax receivable that is attributable to the deficit deductible of SEK 110 million. This tax receivable has not been included in these present final accounts either. Quotation The MultiQ share has been quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchanges O-list since 7 December 1999. Future report publications Final accounts announcement: 30 January 2003 Malmö, 24-10-2002 MultiQ International AB (publ) Jonas Wästberg, MD ...............................................................


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