MultiQ opens sales office in the United Kingdom

March and April are turning into important months for MultiQ and the company’s efforts on the English market. At the turn of the month of March/April, MultiQ opened its first sales office in the United Kingdom with the purpose of increasing its presence and fortifying its position on the English market. Two major orders confirm the strategic importance of establishing in the UK. Alpha Retail, with over 90 stores in 26 locations in the United Kingdom, the USA and Sri Lanka, ordered approx. 200 units of 12” screens with touch solution, which were delivered during the month of March. In the middle of April an order for approx. 150 15” screens with touch solution was received. The customer, Hobby Craft, is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest hobby and handicraft retail chains. Both of the orders were undertaken in collaboration with partner Anker Systems Ltd, and are intended to be used in cash register environments. MultiQ’s touch solutions have sparked great interest thanks to their stability and robustness, which is why the company expects a continued positive development. Jonas Wästberg, CEO MultiQ International AB, emphasises the importance of local presence: “MultiQ’s business is built on customer adapted screens and module solutions. This is why the proximity of the customers and the ability to directly communicate are of great importance. I see the two latest orders, amounting to a total order value of approx. SEK 2 mill, as a direct result of the company’s increased presence in the highly interesting English market.”


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