Three important orders for MultiQ!

Nemo-Q, world leading supplier of electronic queue systems, and Bingolotto, the non-profit organisations’ lottery, and Lexcom of Germany are ordering screens. The total value of the orders amounts to SEK 5.0 million.

The order from Nemo-Q comprises 200 12” modules with touch function, to be built into Nemo-Q’s queue system and delivered to Spain’s social security system. Nemo-Q is a new customer and constitutes a new customer segment for MultiQ. The screens will be located in an environment where they are exposed to rough conditions. This is a touch application and it places great demands on the quality of the screen, which must withstand numerous pressings every day and week over several years. MultiQ’s experience in handling great volumes in extensive, complex projects is one of the decisive factors in Nemo-Q's choice of MultiQ as supplier. For Nemo-Q, and their customers who have installations worldwide, it is of critical importance that a supplier has the resources and competence to deliver service and support on a global scale. Bingolotto has, with MultiQ’s extended guarantee, chosen to ensure problem-free operation of their approx. 1200 screens located with their agents all over Sweden. MultiQ started a year ago selling an extended guarantee for the entire screen and its function which takes effect after the standard three-year guarantee. The product is sold as an extended guarantee both for the 4th and possibly for the 5th year. Some customers buy the guarantee together with the screen, which enables the customer to write off their investment over five years instead of the normal three. This of course results in lower cost of ownership. “We anticipate that more customers will catch on to this way of thinking when investing in new hardware that is used in business-critical applications such as point-of-sale solutions, shop information solutions etc.,” says MultiQ CEO Jonas Wästberg. Lexcom of Germany, with an installed base of approx. 10,000 installations within the automotive industry, has placed an order for 500 specially designed screens. The screens will be delivered during 2005 and will be used by service workshops. The order is very gratifying, demonstrating that MultiQ’s efforts in Germany are begin to bear fruit.


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