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Munters Group AB ”Munters” (MTRS) (publ) has initiated the process of closing its European Data Center factory in Dison, Belgium, following the finalization of negotiations with the unions. The closure is according to the plan of the Munters Full Potential Program launched at the start of 2019 to increase the overall performance of the company.

In February 2019, Munters announced a three-phase program, the Munters Full Potential Program, to increase the overall performance of the company. The first phase is focused on securing a stable and profitable platform for the future. As part of the first phase, Munters had the intention to close down the European Data Center factory in Dison, Belgium. This has been subject to union negotiations. As these now have been finalized the closure of the factory has been initiated. Munters has entered into a social plan with the unions in order to mitigate the consequences of the closure for the employees in Dison as much as possible.

The charge for the closure of the factory will mainly be accounted for in the third quarter 2019 and is part of the previously announced non-recurring charges for the total Munters Full Potential Program of SEKm 350 in 2019. As per end of June 2019 SEKm 100 had been charged as non-recurring charges for the program.

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