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  • Get wrecked by one of the world’s best chess players - and have it minted as an NFT

Get wrecked by one of the world’s best chess players - and have it minted as an NFT

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The leading provider of NFTs to the chess world presents: The Get Wrecked NFT, one chess enthusiast’s opportunity to win a minted moment of utter self-destruction – or chess NFTs worth up to 18 ETH.

PRESS RELEASE (For immediate release):

Today Chess Champs - leading provider of NFTs to the chess world - drops a unique NFT and a special collector experience that is up for auction. 

The auction winner will receive a 1-of-1 NFT that is an ode to a legendary move by one of the world’s best chess players, Grandmaster Anish Giri. Along with it comes the 1-of-1 Get Wrecked NFT: Anish Giri wrecks the auction winner in a game of chess, and Chess Champs mints it as an NFT forever to be kept in the wallet of the auction winner.

And if the challenger - against all odds - should win the game against Giri? Then Chess Champs will shower the challenger with prizes: The challenger is free to pick collectibles from the Chess Champs collection worth the difference between the grandmaster’s FIDE-rating and the challenger’s own, enabling prizes worth up to 18 ETH.

How it feels to get wrecked by a Grandmaster

This NFT is the second in the Get Wrecked series. The first one was an ode to 3x U.S. Champion, Wesley So. The winner of the auction and the chance to get wrecked was avid chess enthusiast, Peter Bommel - and last week he got the honor of getting wrecked by So:  

”It was a humbling experience to be pushed off the chess board quickly … But great to play against such an extraordinary chess champion, a very nice person before and after the game – but completely ruthless on the board!”, Bommel said after the game.

The Get Wrecked NFT is part of Chess Champs’ Queen series Gold, showcasing the 20 greatest moments from the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour this year. Upcoming auctions celebrate legendary moves by Hakura Nakumara, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Ian Nepomniachtchi - and includes the opportunity to get wrecked by them as well. The Queen series also includes a Silver and a Bronze edition. 

The auction ends November 22, 06:00 CET. The game (3+2 blitz game) will take place on November 24 at 20:00 CET. For more info, see chesschamps.io


What is Chess Champs? 

Chess Champs is a world of digital chess collectibles, launching during the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals with a selection of official MCCT Tour Collectibles. Chess Champs celebrates the beauty of chess and, with the use of blockchain technology, preserves the game's most defining moments for eternity. It is your chance to own pieces of chess history and to share and trade them as you see fit.

What is an NFT? 

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a sort of crypto token. Crypto tokens are usually a type of currency that can be used for investment purposes, to store value, or to make purchases. NFTs are a type of token that is not used for currency. That's the non-fungible part. Every NFT is unique and traceable. This makes them a fantastic tool to collect, trade and sell both physical and digital experiences online. 


Michael Jeppesen, CEO Must Group

Michael.Jeppesen@mu.st - +45 2721 1313

Chess Champs is a part of Play Magnus Group, founded by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, dedicated to delivering the best online chess solutions. Together with the Copenhagen-based NFT company MUST Group we have created a platform that brings NFTs to the chess community because we believe that the complexity of chess and the accessibility of blockchain technology makes a perfect fit.