Trash to Fuel – The Wave of the Future?

Can converting trash to fuel help solve this country’s waste crisis

Stamford, CT – February 18, 2011 – Even with recycling programs gaining momentum, it seems America is up to its ears in trash.  In Ada County, Idaho alone, processors are burying 2000 tons of trash every day. According to one businessman this system creates enormous problems for the environment and future generations and wastes a tremendous amount of potential energy.

“Burying our trash is the second-dumbest thing humans do,” says Lloyd Mahaffey, CEO of Dynamis Energy. “Burying trash leaves a mountainous mess for future generations and the decomposing trash puts harmful methane gas into the air. “

Under the guidance of Mahaffey, Dynamis Energy has already built one “trash to power” plant in Alaska and now has plans to bring that technology to the lower 48 states with two plants to be built in Idaho later this year.  Dynamis Energy says its process can reduce tons of trash in eight hours into a small pile of ash and a gas that can be converted into clean energy.  This technology is gasification not incineration.  Instead of burning the trash it is heated in a chamber without oxygen, eliminating 95 percent of the waste in the process.

In a similar fight against mountains of trash, the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority has put in place a massive recycling effort, collecting recyclables from 13 Connecticut towns, processing over 30,000 tons of recyclables each year.  After being sorted and compressed into bales, recycled materials are then sold to companies to be converted into new products.  The remaining waste is then transferred to another site in Bridgeport, CT, were it is burned and that energy is used to power the recycling plant.

These efforts are just the sort of thing supported by MXenergy, one of the nations fastest growing independent energy providers, and a leader in the sustainability movement.

“Each and every one of us must make a commitment to live as efficiently and waste-free as possible,” says Jeffrey Mayer, President and CEO of MXenergy.  “From the beginning, MXenergy has had a profound commitment to the sustainability movement.  It is exciting to see new technologies and innovative processes gaining momentum.  Each new step will enable all of us to live better, cleaner, healthier lives.”

One way MXenergy demonstrates its environmental commitment is through MXTV, an On Demand cable channel created in 2010, designed to educate and inform viewers about energy efficiency, environmental innovations, and “green” companies and services.  The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority is featured on the network on “Attainable Sustainables” in a feature titled “Talking Trash.”

Marjorie Kass, MXenergy Managing Director and host of “Attainable Sustainables” says the program helps highlight the real difference each individual can make, “ In touring the Connecticut recycling center you see these bales of recycled products stacked to the ceiling.  Each one of those bales represents 17 trees.  It makes you realize you are really having an impact which I think is important for us all.”

 MXenergyTV, or MXTV for short, can be found on Cablevision iO Channel 654 in the Northeast United States.  “Talking Trash” is just one of many programs focused on energy efficiency and “green living.”  The complete episode and others can be viewed at


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