Corrosion Professionals Speak About Rewarding Jobs, Career Paths in the Thriving Corrosion Industry

I AM NACE Profiles Spotlight Corrosion Career Stories of NACE International Members

Careers in corrosion control and prevention are unfamiliar to most job seekers, but there are few professions with as much steady growth, rising salary averages, and opportunities to make a positive impact on public safety and the environment. Demand for corrosion professionals is increasing at the same time a wave of retirements is anticipated; the industry needs more qualified professionals. To help inform prospective corrosion professionals about what it’s like to work in the industry, NACE International has created I AM NACE, a series of video interviews and online profiles which highlight individuals working in a variety of corrosion professions.

“Corrosion jobs are often overlooked by individuals whose credentials and experience could easily transfer to the industry, because they have never heard of it,” says Bob Chalker, NACE International’s Executive Director. “We are working to change that through the I AM NACE program.”

Many of the stories include insight into how NACE training, certification and membership activities have impacted and supported each individual at various stages of their career. Each profile features professionals like the lead scientist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Corrosion Technology Laboratory, a coatings inspector who tells of his experience completing work on Three Mile Island, a student pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry, and engineers, scientists, and other professionals in a range of industry sectors. Additional profiles will be added to the website each month.

“Our members do a wide range of interesting and challenging jobs,” says Chalker. “Each profile is a window into the life of a real corrosion professional. The I AM NACE story sharing program provides an opportunity to learn what it’s like to work in the corrosion field.”

“Corrosion is an inevitable, but controllable process which impacts infrastructure, utilities, defense assets and much more,” says Tushar Jhaveri, NACE International president and Chief Executive of Vasu Chemicals in Mumbai, India. “The professionals spotlighted in I AM NACE provide their own unique perspective on how corrosion can result in destructive, even catastrophic incidents when not properly prevented or managed.”

The annual global cost of corrosion is more than three percent of the world’s GDP (approximately US $2.2 trillion); it is estimated that at least one-third of this cost is preventable with the application of existing corrosion control technologies.

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Alysa Reich
Senior Manager, Public Relations

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