Audio Suspension launches an elegant and innovative solution to maximising the performance of turntables and other hi-fi equipment

15th November - Brighton, UK - Audio Suspension, the new name in beautifully designed, contemporary hi-fi support systems, has launched its debut wall-mount shelf, the ASU-100. The system has been meticulously designed to provide isolation from unwanted resonance, whilst offering a highly attractive platform to support turntables and other sensitive hi-fi products. The ASU-100 combines the design sensibilities of the iPod generation with the sonic qualities of the finest audio equipment.

Hand-made in Sussex, the new ASU-100 is the first product in a new line from Audio Suspension and is lovingly built from high-grade 20mm acrylic. The material is ideally suited to damping the unwanted effects of resonance, as well as knocks and thumps, and is also remarkably non-resonant. Unlike traditional support materials, such as glass and steel, the acrylic used in the ASU-100 does not significantly ‘add’ to a system’s sonic presentation, allowing the full musical potential of supported equipment to shine through.

The ASU-100 is securely anchored to internal walls using two high-quality polished-chrome shelf supports faced with silicone-rubber to ensure a high level of damping at the connection point. Two front-mounted 1.5mm steel-wire cables offer further support and scope for levelling, and are secured by polished-chrome Posi-Lock supports. The ASU-100 brings tangible benefits to systems in all manner of listening rooms, but is especially effective in environments with suspended wooden floors.

Set-up of the ASU-100 is simple and the benefits of the design and materials are instantly appreciable, bringing greater transparency to recordings whilst improving control and dynamics. The ASU-100 also helps tighten up low frequencies, offering additional control over the lower octaves whilst introducing greater neutrality throughout the frequency spectrum.

Audio Suspension also offers a bespoke design service. Shelves can be made in custom sizes and colours to order, offering consumers a tailor-made support for cherished turntables and larger, heavier hi-fi equipment.

Key features of the ASU-100:

  • High-grade 20mm low-resonance acrylic
  • Adjustable wire support enables easy level adjustment
  • Posi-Lock cable supports
  • Polished-chrome ancillaries
  • Supports up to 25kg (dependant on fixings)
  • Suitable for equipment up to 470mm x 420mm
  • Beautiful aesthetics to compliment cherished hi-fi equipment

Price and availability

The ASU-100 is available now direct from priced at just £250 including postage and packing. Review samples will be available towards the end of November.

Press contact

For further Audio Suspension information, images or review products, please contact Dan George on +44 (0)7899 808918 or email:

Audio Suspension contacts for publication
Tel: 01273 640251

About Audio Suspension

Audio Suspension specialises in the creation of beautiful hi-fi support systems for discerning music lovers. Its stunning designs are manufactured to the highest standards from high-grade acrylic to compliment the aesthetic beauty of turntables new and old, as well as providing a carefully engineered, low-resonance platform for sensitive audio equipment.

The company was formed by a long-serving professional DJ/audio engineer with extensive turntable experience and the passion to deliver an exquisite solution to maximising the sound quality of vinyl, without compromising on style. Audio Suspension’s unique wall-mount support solutions isolate hi-fi from unwanted resonance and minimise its disruptive effects on sound quality. A bespoke design service is also available.



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