CES Exclusive - T+A launch new HV (High Voltage) Series - No embargo

4th January 2013 - Making its world premier at CES, T+A, the specialist German audio brand, has developed a completely new, original series of high-end audio products. The range bears the designation HV = High Voltage and will be expanded with a line of no-compromise products to form the absolute pinnacle of T+A’s solid-state product range. Created to cater for the demanding audiophile and lover of two-channel music reproduction of the highest possible quality, each product features separate construction for each channel and boasts mirror-image symmetry throughout.

The PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier (£9,900) is the first product in the series: it is a powerhouse with a continuous output of more than 500 watts per channel and an enormous ability to deliver current. The output stages are driven at +/- 160 volts - twice as high as normal. The machine is equipped with a large number of top-quality symmetrical and RCA sockets catering for all requirements, while solid rhodium-plated speaker terminals accommodate any type of cable to professional standards.

The second product is the MP 3000 HV (£7900), a high-end multi-source player with a CD mechanism, streaming client, FM tuner, Super-DAC and FD 100 remote control with screen. It is fitted with T+A’s finest convertors and also provides the means for connecting and converting any kind of digital source to the very highest quality.

In mid-2013 these products will be followed by the P 3000 HV preamplifier and the A 3000 HV output stage, which can be used either as a stereo power amplifier generating 500 watts per channel, or as a mono power amplifier rated at 1,000 watts.

Both the PA3000 HV and MP 3000 HV will be available in the UK from February 2013.  For further details, visit http://www.ta-hifi.com

Find T+A at CES

Location: Venetian Tower, Floor 30, Suite 30-135

Contacts: Siggi Amft and Jens Welteke

For further T+A information, images or review products, please contact Andy Napthine on +44 (0)7920 425166 or email: andy@napthineporter.com


T+A (Theory and Application) is one of Germany’s largest specialist audio brands and is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing audio products of the highest standard possible. Based in Herford in Eastern Westphalia (near Hanover) since 1978, T+A develop and produce all of its products in house. These include amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, CD players, network streamers, turntables and speakers. Extremely long product cycles, extended service life and wide range of retro-fit options make a T+A system an excellent investment for the future.


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