Cyrus Audio launches an innovative iOS control app, transforming the user experience across its award-winning streaming product range

26th November 2012 - Huntingdon, Cambridshire - Britain’s leading specialist hi-fi manufacturer, Cyrus Audio, is launching an advanced iOS control app for its award-winning range of audiophile streaming products. Called Cadence, the new app is completely bespoke and will give users visibility over networked music, extensive streamer feature control, and a wonderfully intuitive interface. The app will also ‘drive’ many features, such as changing inputs, browsing connected devices as well as offering individual control of multiple Cyrus streamers on a network. 

Cadence represents a significant investment for Cyrus and to date has taken up more than 10,000 man hours to develop. Being bespoke, the app offers significant advantages over off-the-shelf variants, which tend to only look at the UPnP library and ‘push’ the file to a dumb player on the network, with little or no system control. The Cyrus system is quite different: because the app is fully integrated into the streamer via the home network, it can control the streamer to discover and ‘pull’ files from a UPnP library, with all the benefits that the ‘pull’ technique brings. Because the Cyrus app is linked with the streamer’s own software, it gives far wider control than that of third-party apps.

Cyrus has painstakingly developed a sophisticated platform enabling exciting control options to be added in the future. Cyrus’s engineers were tasked with creating a core system that could access the streamers directly, enabling control of the UPnP data selection and management. To achieve this, the programming team created a bespoke software platform that sits behind the interface that the consumer sees.

The Cadence project required a whole new standard to be written in order to create a platform on which Cyrus could build communication and control functions between many parts of the Cyrus family. The software platform is so powerful it will become the key control system for future Cyrus projects. The app itself will evolve in the coming months to do much more.

The first version of Cadence will be launched for the iPad and will be compatible with iOS 5.0 and above. Variants for the iPhone 3Gs (and above), iPod touch 3rd generation and Android will follow.

The new app has been designed to compliment, rather than replace, Cyrus’s innovative n-remote – a device that controls Cyrus streamers in a technically similar way, but also has the useful ability to ‘learn’ IR remote codes for other devices.

Price and availability

The first version of Cadence, available for free from the Apple App Store, will be launched for the iPad and will be compatible with iOS 5.0 and above. Variants for the iPhone 3Gs (and above), iPod touch 3rd generation and Android will follow. Streamer customers with V2 variants may need a software update prior to being able to use the app, but this update can be carried out for free at Cyrus retailers. Customers with earlier streaming models, (V1), will need a hardware upgrade to use the app and should contact their local retailer for details.

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About Cyrus Audio

Cyrus Audio is a Cambridge-based specialist audio manufacturer with an international reputation for excellence. Founded in 1983 and privately owned, the company has been committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing world-leading consumer audio products that showcase the very latest sound technology.

From its own purpose-built UK factory, Cyrus Audio has established itself as the leading audio innovator by painstakingly hand-building products bursting with proprietary technology and advanced circuit designs. With over 100 worldwide awards to its name, Cyrus Audio continues to innovate across a wide range of sophisticated electronics including streamers, amplifiers, CD players and DACs, all housed within the brand’s iconic half-width ‘shoebox’ chassis.

Cyrus Audio’s system-building philosophy and factory upgrade programme has been key to the brand’s success, enabling consumers to engage with the latest developments in technology, without replacing their original purchase. Founder Peter Bartlett’s vision was for Cyrus customers to be able to upgrade their equipment as technology pushed the boundaries of sound performance.

Cyrus Audio is a successful business that expanded in 2012 to continue delivering growth into the coming years. Currently available in over 30 international markets, Cyrus Audio’s plans include expansion in overseas markets, combined with a strengthening of its UK retail base with new outlets beyond the conventional specialist retailer.


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