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HD Connectivity unveils the all-new Mod-father of switching and distribution systems…

ISE Fact: There were around a staggering, foot-fatiguing, 900 stands at this year’s Amsterdam tech-fest, covering all aspects of automation and advanced entertainment, but only one that boasted the very best of British: HD Connectivity Ltd.

Stand That Delivered

Proving yet again that switching is what they do best by switching production from China to the home economy boosting confines of Britain, the team at HDC set out their first ISE stall in fine style, unveiling the brilliant, British-built Modular generation of HDanywhere switching and distribution systems to the eager crowds that spent the show clogging the stand. And to help drive the Mod-themed branding home with more than a dash of panache was the vehicular representation of HDC’s collective vision sat centre-stage: a Vespa scooter, resplendent in the range’s red, white and blue livery.

“Exhibitions are where companies get the opportunity to present not just their products, but also their personality… if they have one,” says Chris Pinder, MD of HD Connectivity Ltd, “It’s perhaps the biggest vehicle for highlighting the dividing lines and points of difference between their products and their rivals’.”

So, having proved their personality on the show’s sexiest stand, HDC went on to deliver that difference between themselves and everyone else in HD distribution with the utterly innovative Modular. Unique in both hardware design and the focus it puts on software features that flexibility favouring installers will instantly fall for, the Modular is far from the boring black boxes being built by everyone else; for a start, the Mod on the stand was finished in a convention-kicking royal blue – an instant one-in-the-eye for the unimaginative monochrome manufacturers!

“We very deliberately manufactured our stand ourselves in-house, quite fittingly out of Modular aluminium framework and panels. It demonstrated the design quality and attention to detail that we put into everything we do at HDC and we received a lot of complimentary comments about it,” continues Chris. “Some might call that unnecessary over-engineering, but for me it is absolutely necessary. When a customer stepped onto our stand and held in their hand one of our unibody Receivers that are milled from a single block of aluminium, I think it had a positive effect on their instinct and intuition for our product quality and core company values. And for those installers who aren’t using our products currently, it may at the very least influence them to take notice of future HDC news and product releases.”

Going Dutch

David Anderson, HDC Sales Manager, comments: “There was such a great reaction to Modular from the integrators that visited the stand. The ‘Made in Britain’ tag was well-received and many commented on the design and build quality of the system. The CI-centric features of our new Heartbeat-OS Matrix management software really excited a lot of installers. And this has already translated into pre-orders for demo systems that are well above our estimates. What is particularly pleasing is the level of interest from outside the UK; there was a genuine enthusiasm towards trying ‘something different’.

“The HDC Direct-to-Dealer approach also plays well with many installers and the company is keen on mirroring the D2D model abroad. We are not looking for traditional distribution, we looking for partners who are willing to essentially operate an HDanywhere brand franchise in that country. We will always want our customers to have a direct line of communication to us – the actual people who made the product. To that end, HDC certainly see the show as a success in meeting our global expansion aims, as post-ISE negotiations are well progressed with at least 15 country partners willing to operate the HDC model.”


A seriously successful ISE then for HDC, the striking stand coaxed the crowds, the innovation of the Modular amazed them whilst there, and the main message was delivered in no uncertain terms: “We are HD Connectivity, and we’ve rethought HD distribution…”

As Chris Pinder concludes: “I would like to thank all the visitors to our stand. HDC went to ISE to put our stake in the ground and give our British-made Modular product the launch it deserved. I think most would agree that we did that, with Modular even being described as the ‘new product of the show’.

“HDC has grown on the strength of our sales, not on outside investment. Our different approach to HD distribution solutions and particularly our different sales model sets us apart from the competition. The show was just the start of a long campaign intended to win people over from the status quo. We’re here to challenge. We’re like the red bull F1 team of this category, keep your eye on us!”


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