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Chairman of the Board and Primary Insider, Frode Marc Bohan, has on 29th December 2019 reduced the number of shares he controls in NattoPharma ASA from 3 646 429 shares, representing 20,1% of the outstanding shares, to 2 572 746 shares, representing 14,15% of the outstanding shares.

The above reduction is a result of a transaction whereby Mr. Bohan’s company Bohan & Co AS has sold its shares in TG Montgomery AS to ImmunoPharma AS. Previous to the transaction, Mr. Bohan controlled 1 735 122 shares in NattoPharma ASA via TG Montgomery AS. Following the transaction, this is reduced to 661 169 shares in NattoPharma ASA which Mr. Bohan controls via his shareholdings in Nxt Capital Ltd and Bohan & Co AS and their respective shareholdings in ImmunoPharma AS, as well as the shareholding of his related party Patrycja Ratusinska in ImmunoPharma AS.

Frode Marc Bohan will, directly and indirectly through Bohan & Co AS (1 098 455 shares), ImmunoPharma AS (661 169 shares), NxT Capital Ltd (452 852 shares) and the related parties Patrycja Ratusinska (350 000 shares), Stella Bohan (10,000 shares) and Alexander Rye Bohan-Ellingensen (10 000 shares, not yet transferred from Bohan & Co AS), control 2 572 746 shares in NattoPharma ASA, representing 14,15% of the outstanding shares. Mr. Bohan also holds 150 000 options in the company.

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