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On 1st March 2021, Pro AS has bought 160,000 shares in NattoPharma ASA at an average price of NOK 37.1874 per share. After this transaction Pro AS controls 2,861,310 shares in NattoPharma ASA. Pro AS is wholly owned by primary insider Sjur Thorsheim which is member of the Board of Directors in NattoPharma ASA. 

Sjur Thorsheim will, directly and indirectly through Pro AS, personally (100,000 shares) and related party Grethe Eggesbø Thorsheim (21,000 shares) control 2,982,310 shares representing 15.02% of the total registered share capital and voting rights in NattoPharma ASA.

Sjur Thorsheim, and his related parties, including Pro AS, have earlier irrevocably pre-accepted, if made and completed, the voluntarily offer (the "Offer") that Compagnie des Levures Lesaffre ("Lesaffre") is due to launch with an offer period that will commence on or prior to 19 March 2021, cf. the press release dated 15 February 2021 regarding the Offer and NattoPharma ASA's stock exchange notice dated 25 February 2021 regarding certain amendments to the Offer. Sjur Thorsheim’s pre-acceptance of the Offer covers any shares he directly or indirectly owned the date he gave his irrevocable pre-acceptance to Lesaffre and any shares that he may acquire directly or indirectly in NattoPharma ASA prior to the completion of the Offer. This means that Pro AS upon completion of the acquisition of the shares thereafter will transfer the shares to Lesaffre for the offer price, which currently is NOK 35.

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