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(Gothenburgh 2021.03.02)
In the treatment of severe obesity, medication can help with weight loss and complement changes in daily health habits. Pharmaceutical company Navamedic has launched a patient support programme in Sweden, with Oriola as a partner, targeting patients who have a specific medication to support weight loss. Individual support is especially important during the first few weeks of the treatment.

Obesity is one of the major health problems impacting both people’s quality of life and healthcare costs, as it increases risks for several chronic diseases. According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, around 50% of adults in the country are overweight or obese, and obesity is among the top five risk factors for losing healthy years of life.*

The primary treatments of obesity are changes in daily habits related to, for example, nutrition and physical activity. For patients with severe obesity, treatment might be a combination of changing habits, medication and even surgery. To support both people and the healthcare system in obesity treatment, Navamedic has developed a unique support concept for the Nordics. The programme was first launched in Sweden in October 2020, and it combines support materials with individual guidance for patients who have medication to assist with weight loss.

“Our digital support platform contains, for example, information about behavioural change, social and environmental challenges, nutritional planning as well as a tool for building and maintaining healthy habits. The support programme is available for free after registration. People with medication can also contact nurses through the platform to have individual guidance,” says Alexander Lidmejer, Commercial Director Specialty Pharma at Navamedic.

Phone support and collaboration

In general, medication is an option for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, or who have a high BMI and other health risks or diseases, such as a high blood pressure or diabetes.

“Our nurses offer the patients individual support by phone, which is particularly important in the first few weeks. This is to motivate patients to commit to their treatment, but also to support them in making healthier choices in daily life and changing health-related habits, depending on their needs,” says Sara Fredriksson, Head of Patient Support Programmes at Oriola.

In addition to patient support services, Oriola’s Kronans Apotek pharmacies have an important role in informing patients about the support available when they come to a pharmacy to collect their prescription.

You can visit Navamedic’s ‘MyControl’ platform at: (in Swedish)*Source: The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website

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