Navamedic announces co-operation with GE Healthcare on development of wireless CentricityTM communication solution for Sippi®,

Navamedic ASA today announced that Observe Medical Nordic AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navamedic ASA, has entered into a development collaboration with GE Healthcare Systems Sverige AB on its newly launched digital urine measurement system Sippi.

Sippi®, a new standard in digital urine measurement in hospitals, is currently under development for wireless transmission of data into so called Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS). Measuring a patient's urine output is a vital parameter in critical care medicine. With Sippi® and a PDMS system, clinics will have the possibility to follow fluid balance online in real time.

Once launched, Sippi® with wireless data transmission, will be the first commercially available urine measurement device globally with this feature. The ability to automatically record and transfer the critical ill patients urine output data will be further time saving for healthcare personnel and also secure the patient data integrity and accuracy as the risk for human error is eliminated.

GE Healthcare is one of the global market leaders in Patient Data Management Systems. Navamedic, via its subsidiary Observe Medical has now entered into a collaboration with GE Healthcare to establish a wireless link from Sippi to CentricityTM, GE Healthcare's PDMS system.

" As a new player in the ICU segment we are very pleased to announce a collaboration with a major PDMS supplier such as GE Healthcare. We will as a first step together with GE Healthcare in Sweden develop a solution for the Nordic countries which is scalable for other markets to come" , says Tom Rönnlund, CEO of Navamedic.

For further information, please contact CEO Tom Rönnlund, telephone +46 727 320 321 or CFO Bjørn Lindholt, telephone +47 9300 6601.