Nomination Committee in NCAB for the AGM 2020

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In accordance with a resolution taken at the Annual General Meeting of NCAB Group AB on 13 May 2019, NCAB announces the composition of the nomination committe, consisting of representatives of the largest shareholders by number of votes. Together with the Chairman of the Board, they should constitute the Nomination Committee in preparation of the Annual General Meeting 2020.

Today the nomination committee held its first meeting and Jannis Kitsakis, Fourth AP-fund, was elected chairman. The other representatives are:

Per Hesselmark, R12 Kapital

Henrik Schmidt, Montanaro Asset Management

Kristofer Flack, SEB Investment Management

Henrik Söderberg, C WorldWide Asset Management

and Christian Salamon, Chairman of the NCAB Board

SEB Investment Management has, after August 31, increased its ownership and is now among NCAB’s four largest shareholders.

The Annual General Meeting of NCAB will be held in Stockholm on Monday, 11 May, 2020. Shareholders who wish to submit proposals regarding members of the NCAB Board, Board Chairman, Board fees, Chairman of the Annual General Meeting or Nomination Committee in preparation of the Annual General Meeting 2020, 11 May, at the latest two months before the Annual General Meeting 2020, contact the Chairman of the Board of NCAB on e-mail: or by regular mail at:

Att: Nomination Committee
Mariehällsvägen 37 A
168 65 Bromma, Sweden

For further information, please contact:

Gunilla Öhman, IR Manager, Telephone: +46 707 63 81 25



About NCAB

NCAB is a worldwide leading supplier of printed circuit boards, listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

NCAB is offering PCBs for demanding customers, on time with zero defects, produced sustainably at the lowest total cost. NCAB was founded in 1993. Since its foundation, the operations have been characterized by an entrepreneurial and cost efficient culture and have over time showed strong growth and good profitability.

Today, NCAB has local presence in 17 countries in Europe, Asia and North America and customers in approximately 45 countries worldwide. Revenues in 2018 amounted to SEK 1 617 million. Organic growth and acquisitions are part of NCAB’s strategy. For more information about NCAB Group please visit us at

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