#17-491 Change of market segments for ETPs on the NGM exchange

After the closing of the markets on Friday December 1, 2017, ETP instruments admitted to trading on NDX (MIC: XNGM), will be transferred to Nordic MTF (MIC: NMTF). The first day of trading on the NMTF market is Monday December 4, 2017.

For this purpose, new market segments will be created on Nordic MTF and the affected instruments will be transferred from the existing market segments to the new market segments.

During a transition period the old market segments will be kept in the system to ensure a smooth transition. The removal of the old market segments will be announced at a later stage.

Market segments hierarchy

The current (old) market segment hierarchy for the ETP instruments: The new market segment hierarchy for the ETP instruments:
          NDX Sweden ·         ETP
          Certificates SE           ETP Sweden
          Exotics SE           Certificates SE
          Plain vanillas SE           Exotics SE
          Knock-outs SE           Plain vanillas SE
          NDX Finland           Knock-outs SE
          Certificates FI           ETP Finland
          Exotics FI           Certificates FI
          Plain vanillas FI           Exotics FI
          Knock-outs FI           Plain vanillas FI
          NDX Denmark           Knock-outs FI
          Certificates DK           ETP Denmark
          Exotics DK           Certificates DK
          Plain vanillas DK           Exotics DK
          Knock-outs DK           Plain vanillas DK
          NDX Norway           Knock-outs DK
          Certificates NO           ETP Norway
          Exotics NO           Certificates NO
          Plain vanillas NO           Exotics NO
          Knock-outs NO           Plain vanillas NO
            Knock-outs NO

Additional information

The move is expected to take place with all ETP:s being moved on the same date. No instruments will however be transferred prior to December 4, 2017. It is however possible that some instruments will be transferred after December 4, 2017, but prior to the implementation of MiFID II on January 3, 2018. Any ETP:s not transferred before January 3, 2018 will be delisted from NDX.


For technical questions pertaining to the information provided above, please contact support@ngm.se. For other questions, please contact marketsurveillance@ngm.se