NeoDynamics confirms four orders for NeoNavia

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NeoDynamics has received orders from four high profile clinics in Germany and Switzerland for its novel biopsy system NeoNavia. This positive development shows that clinics are advancing to the next level in evaluating the system and progressing towards incorporating it into their clinical practice.

“I am delighted that the launch of NeoNavia is progressing well despite the limitations the pandemic continues to place on our introduction of the system to clinics in the German speaking part of Europe. Physicians appreciate how easy the system is to handle and are enthusiastic about the size of the tissue samples they receive as well as the ability to take samples from areas that are hard to reach,” says Country Manager Renate Reiss.

“The feedback we are receiving from clinics evaluating NeoNavia is positive, and I expect this to continue as restrictions lift and the clinical experience with NeoNavia grows,” says CEO Anna Eriksrud.

The system consists of a base unit, a handheld driver and three different types of biopsy needles, also called probes. The orders, which are for probes, will be delivered to clinics in Germany and Switzerland mainly in the fourth quarter 2021. Orders for probes are expected to be placed on a recurring basis once the system has been incorporated in the practice at a clinic.

For further information, please contact:

Anna Eriksrud, CEO NeoDynamics AB, phone +46 708 444 966 or e-mail anna.eriksrud@neodynamics.

About NeoDynamics

NeoDynamics AB (publ) is a Swedish Medical Technology Company dedicated to advancing diagnosis and care of breast cancer. The company’s first product NeoNavia®, a new innovative pulse biopsy system for ultrasound guided tissue sampling, is currently being introduced to the market. The biopsy system is built on a patented pulse technology, based on research at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. NeoNavia is evaluated for breast cancer diagnosis at leading clinics in UK, Germany, and Sweden. The pulse biopsy system has been used for tissue sampling in breast and axilla in over 500 patients.

About NeoNavia

NeoNavia is a modern biopsy system with a completely new patented pulse technology intended for ultrasound-guided tissue sampling. It consists of a base unit, a handheld driver and three different types of biopsy needles. Each needle type is driven by the pulse technology providing a more controlled needle insertion and precise placement of the needle in the tumour whilst enabling high-quality tissue samples from both breasts and lymph nodes. The pulse biopsy system NeoNavia is designed to offer clinicians and patients accurate lesion targeting and high tissue yield for correct diagnosis and individualized treatment.



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