Neonet introduces tailored execution services, addressing urgent sell-side needs in a turbulent environment

New generation of managed services help sell-side firms address the challenging and complex trading landscape, client demands and regulatory pressure.

Stockholm, Sweden, September 14, 2011 – Neonet, the independent global equity execution services provider, today announced a new service tailored for banks and brokers. The service includes a cost-effective trading environment addressing the increasingly complex trading venue landscape and offers a suite of tailored solutions that cater to the sell-side community.

The offering represents a marriage of traditional execution services such as global market access with sophisticated MiFID compliant trading technology, algorithms, a configurable Smart Order Router (SOR) and a full service trading desk. This is delivered in a fully transparent service where execution fees are based on a cost+ pricing structure. This helps avoid potential conflicts of interest (e.g. execution style, preferred execution venue and clearing location) while providing capabilities and benefits equivalent to having one’s own exchange membership/s and in-house trading technology.

Joacim Wiklander, Neonet’s CEO, commented: “By partnering with Neonet, clients will receive top execution quality while realizing cost savings in trading fees, clearing, settlement, technology and overhead. Clients can shift more focus to growing and maintaining their core businesses and working on new initiatives. We are opening up our extensive trading infrastructure, technology and fees for others to benefit from our economies of scale and extensive experience.”

The new service offering is available immediately to Neonet clients in the EMEA region.

Media contacts:
Joacim Wiklander, CEO, Neonet Securities, Tel. +46 8 506 47 835

Christine Blinke, VP Marketing and Investor Relations, Orc Group, Tel. + 46 739 01 02 01


About Neonet
Neonet is a global equity execution service provider that offers professional market participants independent, high-speed execution services based on advanced trading software solutions. Neonet’s state-of-the art execution technology provides connectivity to markets across the EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. Neonet’s services include a comprehensive execution management system, advanced trading algorithms, smart order routing, market data services and a 24-hour trading desk for manual execution and support. Neonet does not engage in proprietary trading or any other financial activity that could result in a potential conflict of interest. Neonet serves clients in over 25 countries. Clients include banks, brokerage firms, institutional investors, hedge funds, asset managers and trading venues. Neonet Securities is an Orc Group company. Orc Group is publicly traded on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm (SSE:ORC). For further information, visit




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