NeoNet Launches Electronic Access to the London Stock Exchange

NeoNet Launches Electronic Access to the London Stock Exchange STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Jan. 30 2001 -- NeoNet AB, a leading provider of real- time equity trading services, today announced that it has introduced direct electronic access to the London Stock Exchange (LSE). NeoNet can now offer institutional investors electronic and transparent access to the majority of Europe's market capitalization. NeoNet provides investors with a single point of access to Europe's leading stock exchanges in one system and on the same conditions as a stock exchange member. NeoNet now provides transparent electronic access to more than 50 percent of the European market capitalization. Apart from London, NeoNet has already electronically connected the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen to NeoNet's Electronic Execution Network. Later this year NeoNet will include Euronext Paris, where NeoNet recently received membership, and the other exchanges of the Euronext alliance, Amsterdam and Brussels. "Europe's equity markets are very fragmented with many different trading platforms and systems for clearing and settlement", said Torvald Bohlin, CEO of NeoNet AB. "NeoNet solves this problem by providing a single point of European entry and can be seen as a Pan-European virtual exchange layer for our American and European clients." NeoNet received membership at LSE in November 2000 and has offered manual trading at the LSE since mid-December. Electronic LSE-access is now implemented as a fully integrated part of NeoNet's Electronic Execution Network together with the existing electronic access to four other European exchanges The London Stock Exchange represents approximately 30 percent of Europe's market capitalization, making it the largest exchange in Europe. NeoNet is electronically connected to SETS, which is the London Stock Exchange's electronic trading platform for the FTSE 100 and the most liquid stocks. NeoNet currently has 120 institutional investors and broker-dealers as clients in eleven countries, including the U.S. Through its Electronic Execution Network, NeoNet focuses on providing a single point of access to multiple securities markets worldwide. NeoNet AB is listed on OM Stockholm Exchange's O-list, and has 62 employees with offices in Stockholm and New York. For further information, please contact: U.S. Contact: Torvald Bohlin, CEO of Sharon Salamon, NeoNet NeoNet AB (publ) Securities, Inc. New York Tel. + 46 8 454 15 39 +1 212.980.7600 NeoNet AB (publ), P.O. Box 7545, SE-103 93 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 8 454 15 00, Fax: +46 8 10 40 84 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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