Net Trading Group NTG AB with updated information on USA: new agreement with Amazon Launchpad US & award-winning US documentary ”Viewpoint” with Dennis Quaid.

Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) (”NTG”) informs today about new agreement with Amazon Launchpad USA, which is the American division corresponding to Amazon Launchpad EU as previously communicated.

"Amazon Launchpad US is an invite-only program for new and innovative products which Amazon identities as high volume potential. Participating companies receive prioritization, increased visibility and access to targeted marketing campaigns throughout the year, as well as a team that assists with onboarding right through to selling and fufilling to the American consumer."

NTG has also been invited to the award winning documentary series "Viewpoint" in the US hosted by Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid. "Viewpoint" focuses on companies, organisations and people who are making a difference especially within sustainability. Previous participants have been such as RCCL, SouthWest Airlines, US Secretary of State, Godiva, DelMonte, Nestlé, Panasonic, IBM Watson and more.
More information can be found here:

The recording will take place this summer, airing on television late summer (August/September) and will be discussing Lightcircle`s products and vision as well as Rock Energy`s technology and vision.

In light of this we will be starting sales in the US slightly later in August, both due to very long lead times for components in the global electronics industry, and we need to plan well in order be able to deliver alongside this US publicity.  We will also be launching Varsku, our patent-pending alarm socket USA and EU then," explains Lightcircle CEO Morten Revill.
”Launching our products like this makes for stronger synergies and it is very important to take advantage of the effects this can bring to the launch,” Morten Revill elaborates.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Revill, VD i Lightcircle AS
Phone: +47 41637272


Reidar Michaelsen, Chairman of Net Trading Group ab

Phone: +47 93058995


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