Netlight implements new executive structure and appoints international CEO duo

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Stockholm 11 May 2021 

With a new executive structure Netlight challenges the norm of CEO as superior title. By recommendation from the company’s group of partners the CEO role as of today is appointed to Katri Junna and Felix Sprick, Netlight partners in Finland and Germany. Netlight’s CEO since 2003, Erik Ringertz, returns to be a partner amongst partners in the company. 

Instead of a traditional change of CEO, Netlight introduces an entirely new executive structure, supporting Netlight’s appreciated, special organization. The company’s group of partners appoints annually who from the group should take the CEO role and if a change is desirable. The suggestion is subject for board approval who formally appoint the role. According to the new principle two people share the role which accommodates for better representation and competence range than any single person could have. The appointed persons continue being employed as partners in the company and the CEO role constitutes a responsibility one owns temporarily. 

According to this principle the CEO role as of today is appointed to Katri Junna and Felix Sprick, partners from Netligh’s offices in Helsinki and Munich respectively, and Erik Ringertz returns to be a partner amongst partners. 

"I am really excited that I can bring the perspective of an emerging office within the group into the role and break the myth of the CEO in his Headquarter", says Katri Junna, CEO. 

“It was amazing to see the trust in each other and absence of any prestige in the Partner group when making the decision”, says Felix Sprick, vice CEO, "The beauty of the new structure is truly that the CEO role needs the support of others rather than giving you the power over them." 

”We are very happy with the new CEO duo. Their international profiles reflect Netlight of today.”, says Gustaf Eriksson, chairman of the board. “Equality of gender felt obvious when we are now setting a new standard.” 

”For me personally a much appreciated new beginning that unleashes both creative energy and time to drive Netlight further together with the rest of the partner group.” says Erik Ringertz, departing CEO. 


About Netlight

Netlight is an IT and Management consultancy company helping leaders of the digital industry to be successful with over 1 500 consultants in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Zurich. We implement new solutions, covering media, games, e-commerce, finance and payment and the industrial Internet of Things. Netlight has been awarded several times as top employer, as well as for growth, continued profitability and engagement for equality and diversity within the IT industry.

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