Netmore building out nationwide IoT network (LoRaWAN®) in Ireland – Starts in Dublin

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Netmore has initiated an extensive venture when the IoT operator starts building a nationwide IoT network based on LoRaWAN technology in Ireland. The investment is part of an international rollout plan for Netmore’s IoT Network business area. The strategic decision to expand the existing network with nationwide coverage in Ireland, is based on local demand for large-scale IoT connectivity.

The network expansion in Ireland means that Netmore is taking the next step in the international expansion of the IoT network. The network is growing in parallel with more and more devices being connected, and is purpose-built to provide for millions of IoT devices worldwide with a robust and reliable connectivity.

Netmore, through subsidiaries, cooperation agreements, customer agreements and contacts, has been active in Ireland since 2010, which is why the increased focus on the Irish market is a natural step.

International IoT recipe for success is introduced in Ireland

In connection with the LoRaWAN establishment in Dublin and the official launch, Netmore introduces three growth concepts with which it has had success in the Swedish market. The concepts have been developed to create the best possible conditions for IoT growth for the company's existing and prospective IoT partners.

LoRaWAN – Coverage on demand

For IoT service providers, Netmore offers to adapt the network expansion to their application and sensor rollout plan. Netmore builds LoRaWAN to ensure that the distributed devices receive the coverage needed for their IoT solution. This is necessary to create the intended benefit for the end IoT user.

LoRaWAN – Try for free (platform included)

IoT service- and solution providers as well as other IoT players will have the opportunity to test Netmore's entire LoRaWAN offering free of charge. Five devices can be connected for three months, and Netmore's complete IoT platform is included. The platform provides the ability to control and monitor the devices, while a full-scale and cyber-secure bidirectional API makes it possible to integrate the IoT solution as is desired.

Integrated IoT connectivity

Netmore's partners (for example IoT service providers and sensor manufacturers) have the opportunity to create and package commercially viable IoT solutions, where the network connection is fully integrated into the cost of the solution. When the cost of connectivity is integrated at an early stage in IoT projects, the probability increases for a smooth process when the project goes from pilot phase to commercial delivery.


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In summary, with the launch in Ireland, Netmore wants to create the best possible conditions for realizing the many IoT projects that have the capacity to create great societal benefits. Netmore's carrier grade LoRaWAN is ready to provide IoT service providers with the coverage required to make the project profitable.

For more information on Netmore LoRaWAN in Ireland, please contact

Declan Drummond, Head of Sales, Netmore Ireland

For more information on Netmore's international LoRaWAN rollout plan, please contact

Arti Ots, Chief Strategy Officer, Netmore Group


Netmore Group is a leading multi-network IoT operator. We connect properties, provide private & open 5G networks and enable IoT connectivity with LoRaWAN.

Together with property and asset owners, IoT service providers and other partners, we build secure, reliable, and open IoT ecosystems that enables real digitalization for many industries in all geographical markets.

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