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  • Yorkshire Water chooses Netmore's solutions for smart water metering framework – up to 360K properties covered in breakthrough deal worth up to £47 million

Yorkshire Water chooses Netmore's solutions for smart water metering framework – up to 360K properties covered in breakthrough deal worth up to £47 million

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Netmore Group has won the Yorkshire Water framework regarding the delivery, installation and commissioning of smart water meters and LoRaWAN connectivity to Yorkshire Water Services in the UK for all new housing developments. In addition they have been granted a place on the framework for the rollout of Smart meters across the Yorkshire region.  The framework agreement covers up to 360Kh households and has an order value of up to £47 million (approximately 583 MSEK). It will run for a three-year period with a possible extension to another two years and subsequent service provision. The deal further consolidates Netmore's strong position within LoRaWAN and smart water metering in Europe. Rollout and commissioning of meters and network infrastructure will begin immediately.

Netmore Group issued a press release on 23 August 2022 regarding ongoing negotiations and another press release on 6 September 2022 stating those negotiations were still ongoing. These negotiations have now resulted in two framework agreements.

Yorkshire Water chooses Netmore - the deal in brief

Netmore Group has been awarded a sole award framework for provision of smart metering as a service on new housing developments and a place on a second framework for the rollout of smart meters across the Yorkshire Region. This award ends a year long procurement activity by Yorkshire Water Services in the UK. The framework concerns a delivery and installation of connected smart water meters to an estimated 360 K households, as well as associated connectivity that takes place via the rollout of Netmore LoRaWAN infrastructure in Yorkshire County.

The winning proposal from Netmore results in two separate agreements associated with the two tenders;

1. Netmore is the sole supplier for the provision of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) hardware, LORAWAN network and Data as a Service to Yorkshire Water to all new property developments.

2. The second framework is for the rollout of AMI capability across the Yorkshire region, either installing new meters to currently unmetered properties or upgrading the existing metered properties to AMI. Netmore is one of the two winning suppliers that will deliver these services within the framework of the agreement.

Both agreements include delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of connected smart meters to up to ~360K households in Yorkshire, as well as roll out of associated LoRaWAN network that connects the meters and thus generates subscription revenue over time.

This framework will be underpinned by a stringent Data as a Service contract ensuring secure, reliable and accurate flow data is provided to Yorkshire Water to realise benefits including Leakage, Water Efficiency, Customer Experience and Operational Carbon emissions.

The total order value of the deal is estimated up to £47 million (approximately 583 MSEK), and work on commissioning meters and network infrastructure begins immediately.

"The deal is our first international milestone in LoRaWAN. We are very proud that Yorkshire Water, which is one of UK’s leading water utilities, chooses Netmore's solutions, and that we thus become an even more important player when cities and municipalities around Europe are switching to smart solutions for measuring water, electricity, gas and district heating, among other things.",
 says Ove Anebygd, CEO, Netmore Group

"The choice of Netmore is the result of a very careful evaluation of the capabilities and levels of service which Yorkshire Water require from their framework partners, against the available solutions that the market offers for connecting smart water meters. Netmore's technology and solutions, provide the opportunity for Yorkshire Water to make a step change in the services which we provide, with a key focus on improving capabilities in Water Demand Management and Customer Service. The Netmore solution will provide both the long-term perspective and cost-effectiveness that are crucial for us to be able to successfully implement smart metering of water in Yorkshire.",
 says Adam Smith, Manager of Smart Networks and Metering Transformation, YWS

Netmore plays an important role in Yorkshire Water’s journey of reducing water consumption as well as operational costs with the help of connected smart meters

The deployment of smart water meters is important in helping the UK find leaks, save water and make best use of this increasingly limited resource whilst also minimizing environmental impacts. Netmore, which already has experience of several major IoT projects in smart water, delivers a solution that has been carefully evaluated by Yorkshire Water, which is now initiating the transition to smart meters for households.

Netmore's LoRaWAN solutions are based on proven expertise in the establishment of large-scale LoRaWAN for smart meters, a deep understanding of the market's various players and driving forces, as well as the ability to create conditions for the great social benefit that constitutes the central driving force when more and more regions switch to smart metering of water.

Milestone for Netmore LoRaWAN in the UK – opening doors to more beneficial IoT applications for business as well as society

In August 2021, Netmore initiated the investment in a nationwide IoT network based on LoRaWAN in the UK. Since its inception, the organization has worked diligently with both the planning of network infrastructure and the establishment of strategic collaborations and customer relations.

The deal with Yorkshire Water represents a milestone for both Netmore's investment in the UK and the ongoing work to establish a European LoRaWAN network intended for connecting millions of meters and sensors.

" There is certainly a lot of work ahead of us to deliver such important ambition of YWS but this project means that we are on a right path to establish both Netmore as a national operator and LoRaWAN as the preferred access technology in the UK market for connected meters and sensors. This deal also creates conditions for the establishment of more IoT applications with great potential to social and commercial benefits in the area, where operational excellence, measurement of utilities and Net Zero initiatives are on top of the agenda.",
 says Vadim Lyu, Managing Director UK, Netmore Group

Netmore LoRaWAN is growing in Europe

In 2022, Netmore and jointly owned ECN (European Connectivity Networks) initiated an extensive expansion of LoRaWAN in Europe. The Group now offers LoRaWAN in Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. In addition, there are roaming agreements that also provide coverage in Finland and Switzerland.

This rapid network expansion, which is combined with Netmore's European 'coverage guarantee' and 'coverage on demand' enables the commissioning of both local and nationwide IoT projects within each country. Furthermore, Netmore, ECN and Polar Structure also open doors for large-scale socially useful IoT that spans over several countries in Europe.

Contact details:

Ove Anebygd , CEO, Netmore Group

Phone: +46 705 195798

E-mail: ove.anebygd@netmoregroup.com 

Vadim Lyu, Managing Director UK, Netmore Group

Phone: +44 7957 020077

E-mail: vadim.lyu@netmoregroup.com

Adam Smith, Manager of Smart Networks and Metering Transformation, Yorkshire Water Services

Telephone: +44 7790 617005

E-mail: adam.smith@yorkshirewater.co.uk


Netmore Group is a leading IoT operator. We connect real estate, offer private and open 5G networks, and enable large-scale IoT through LoRaWAN.

Together with property owners, IoT service providers and other partners, we build secure, reliable and open IoT ecosystems that enable digitization in industries and industries in all geographic markets.

Netmore Group was founded in 2010 in Sweden and since 2017 has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Redeye AB is the company's certified adviser.


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