Netseal extends its VAR and OEM network at the Birmingham

Finnish Company provides easy connection between different networks and devices NETSEAL EXTENDS ITS VAR AND OEM NETWORK AT THE BIRMINGHAM NETWORKS TELECOM Helsinki, Finland - June 27, 2000 -NetSeal Technologies, a Finnish company specialising in network traffic management and the security of mobile units and fixed workstations, is actively extending its Value Added Retailer (VAR) network at the Birmingham Networks Telecom while seeking OEM partners in Europe and the USA. In early June, the Company introduced itself to international top managers and venture capital investors at the Red Herring Venture Market Europe event in London. The 32 most-promising budding technology companies in Europe were invited to this event, organised by this well-established magazine that focuses on new economy and technology. NetSeal's RoamMate enables the secure moving of different wireless terminals such as PDA, PC and GPRS, between many different types of network, such as the GSM, WLAN and GPRS networks. In practice, RoamMate creates a data-secure virtual LAN incorporating fixed workstations and mobile units. The software turns the mobile terminals into permanent parts of the network. RoamMate is already in pilot use with Avecra, the company that handles the catering on the trains of VR, the Finnish Railway company, and at railway stations. RoamMate has been installed in all Avecra's buffet cars. It facilitates wireless and secure network traffic between moving trains and Avecra's central computer. The network traffic works just as within a fixed LAN. The RoamMate software is installed in the mobile units and the home server, after which it will assume responsibility for managing the IP addresses and data security when the mobile unit moves around the sub- networks. Using the software will not require any new hardware. Daimler Finland is the Finnish distributor of the RoamMate product. NetSeal Technologies has its premises in Espoo, Finland. The Company was established in 1996. The Board is chaired by Petri Niemi, CapMan's Director of Investments, and the Members of the Board are Juhani Talvela, the Managing Director of Baudia Communications, and Jussi Autere, a Researcher in the Institute of Strategy and International Business at the Helsinki University of Technology. Further Information on RoamMate: Contact: CEO Panu Pietikäinen P.O Box 38 Street address: Niittykatu 6 02200 Espoo, Finland Tel.+358 9 435 310 Fax +358 9 435 311 00 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: