Annual general meeting in New Wave Group AB (publ)

Annual general meeting in New Wave Group AB (publ) At the annual general meeting in New Wave Group AB today, the following was decided, among other things: - Dividend to the shareholders of SEK 2:50 per share with 21 May 2004 as record date - Re-election of Håkan Thylén, Torsten Jansson, Lennart Bohlin and Hans Johansson as board members - Increase of the company's share capital through a bonus issue resulting in an increase of the share par (nominal) value from SEK 0.50 to SEK 12.00 by transfer from the share premium fund with 30 July 2004 as record date - Reduction of the shares par value from SEK 12 to SEK 6 (Split 2:1) with 30 July 2004 as record date, meaning that 28 July 2004 will be the first trading day applying the new par value - Authorization of the board to make a new issue of up to 3,000,000 shares of class B in the company with a par nominal value of SEK 6, with or without shareholders subscription privilege and with or without stipulation of capital contributed in kind, setoff or other stipulation as mentioned in Chapter 4 § 6, first paragraph, in the Companies Act Complete documentation regarding the issues mentioned above is available at the company. In a speech, the CEO, Torsten Jansson, accounted for the future and the goals of New Wave Group, which are as follows; - To become the largest and best company in Europe with regard to promotional business, - To reach a significant market-position within promotional gifts and work wear, whereas New Wave Group within the next 6 - 12 months will launch Jobman in several countries outside Sweden and also continue the strong venture on ProJob, which will be launched in August 2004, and - To continue build Craft, Umbro and Seger to big actors in sportswear in Sweden and other countries. The CEO held the opinion that New Wave Group has a strong position and a bright future, but that the forecast that the group's result 2004 will be improved compared with the result 2003 remains. Borås on 17 May 2004 New Wave Group AB (publ) The board For more information, please contact: Torsten Jansson CEO, New Wave Group Tel: +46 (0)708 99 80 50, +46 (0)303 24 65 01 Göran Härstedt dCEO, New Wave Group Tel: +46 (0)708 99 80 17, +46 (0)303 24 65 02 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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New Wave Group is a clothing company concentrating on sportswear and casual clothes.