Newmad Technologies announces world's first full duplex Voice over IP communication software for PDAs

Newmad Technologies announces world's first full duplex Voice over IP communication software for PDAs Voice over IP (VoIP) software Running Voice IP, developed by Swedish company Newmad Technologies, enables full duplex 1 voice communication between PDAs with wireless connection to the Internet. Part of the Running Voice software suite will be demonstrated in co-operation with Compaq at the Compaq EMEA Wireless Center. Stockholm, November 17, 2000 - Newmad Technologies today announced new mobile software that enables full duplex voice communication between PDAs with wireless connection to the Internet. The Running Voice IP software by Newmad will enable real two-way communication between users of PDAs, and other computers connected to the Internet, for the cost of the Running Voice IP software license and Internet access. Running Voice IP extends the functionality of VoIP software for handheld computers by enabling full duplex, i.e. two-way real-time communication. Compared to current "walkie-talkie solutions," where senders and receivers cannot speak and listen simultaneously, the duplex enabled version of Running Voice IP is a major leap forward. "Newmad's Running Voice is a very interesting piece of software that we will be demonstrating in our new European Wireless Center in Stockholm. To the Center, we will invite guests from all over Europe to get a snap shot of the future of the Mobile Internet", says Christer Erlandson Director, Compaq EMEA Wireless Center. "We are very pleased with our partnership with Newmad Technologies and expect that Voice over IP, run on our Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC platform, will generate a lot of customer excitement." The Running Voice software suite The Running Voice software suite currently comprises two main software applications: Running Voice IP and Running Voice GSM/GPRS. Running Voice IP is developed for handheld computers running on wireless LAN and WAN networks. This version of the software supports PocketPC and Linux based PDAs, as well as PCs with MS Windows. Running Voice GSM/GPRS is developed for handheld computers with a GSM/GPRS PC-card. Running Voice GSM/GPRS transforms the PDA into a unique mobile communication device. It combines the simplicity of the mobile phone with the computing power of the PDA, and provides the user with loads of new functionality. The user now can make phone calls, surf the web, send emails, do word processing, etc., with one single device, simultaneously. Commercialization of Running Voice Pocket Presence AB, a newly started company, will manage the commercialization and further technical development of Running Voice. "Pocket Presence AB delivers mobile solutions combining VoIP and ordinary telephony, with IP based services that users will expect from the next generation of mobile Internet. You will not need to wait for 3G to have telephony integrated with smart IP services," says Fredrik Ljungberg CEO at Newmad Technologies AB. About Newmad Technologies Newmad Technologies conducts world-class research and development within the area of mobile Internet. Ranging from smart networking solutions to end-user applications, Newmad Technologies offers the wireless solutions of tomorrow. Newmad Technologies have offices in Stockholm, Göteborg (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway). Further information For more information please contact: - Fredrik Ljungberg, CEO Newmad Technologies AB, at +46 (0)733 31 11 00 - Jan Blom, technical project manager Running Voice, at +46 (0)733 31 11 30 - or mail Newmad at Read more about Newmad Technologies at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: