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  • The NextCell Pharma AB board of directors proposes an Rights Issue of MSEK 24.9 and calls for an extraordinary general meeting

The NextCell Pharma AB board of directors proposes an Rights Issue of MSEK 24.9 and calls for an extraordinary general meeting

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The Board of NextCell Pharma AB (publ) ("NextCell" or "the Company") has decided to propose an extraordinary general meeting on May 24, 2019 to decide on a rights issue of shares ("Rights Issue") totaling SEK 24.9 million. The rights issue is secured through subscription commitments and letter of intent of approximately 21 per cent and guarantee commitments of approximately 59 per cent, which corresponds to approximately 80 per cent of the total issue volume.

The reason for the rights issue is to obtain working capital to expand the clinical trial program with the company's first drug candidate ProTrans. In addition to the ongoing ProTrans-1 study, approval is awaited to initiate the ProTrans-Repeat study, where repeated treatment is evaluated.

Further resources will be allocated to Cellaviva, among other things due to expansion to Denmark and the growing interest we see from Norway and the company's planned launch of saving of stem cells from adults.

Rights issue

The Board of Directors proposes an Extraordinary General Meeting on May 24, 2019, to decide on a rights issue with a maximum of 7,657,637 shares, meaning an increase of the share capital with a maximum of SEK 1,569,815,585. At full subscription, the Company will receive approximately SEK 24.9 million before issue costs.

Anyone who is registered as a shareholder on the record day has the right to subscribe for shares, whereby three (3) existing shares entitle the holder to subscribe for two (2) newly issued shares.

The subscription price amounts to SEK 3.25 per share.

The rights issue is secured to approximately 80 percent of the total issue volume of approximately SEK 24.9 million, of which subscription commitments and letter of intent account for approximately 21 percent and guarantee commitments 59 percent.

The company will establish an information memorandum on regarding the rights issue. The information memorandum is expected to be published a few days before the start of the subscription period on June 4, 2019.

Preliminary time plan

June 24 2019       The Annual General Meeting takes a position on the Board's proposal regarding the rights issue
May 31 2019 Record day for the rights issue
June 4 – June 20 2019 Subscription period
Around June 24 2019 The outcome of the rights issue is announced


See separate press release with notice to the extraordinary general meeting for further information.


Stockholm Corporate Finance is financial advisor and KANTER Advokatbyrå KB legal adviser in connection with the Rights Issue. Hagberg & Aneborn Fondkommission AB is the issuing institution.


In the occasion of discrepancy between the Swedish and English version of this press release, the Swedish version is the one applicable.

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About NextCell Pharma AB:

Stem cells are expected to change the way how many of today's life-threatening diseases are treated. NextCell Pharma AB develops ProTrans, a drug candidate consisting of stem cells for the primary treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases as well as for use in kidney transplants. ProTrans consists of selected stem cells derived from the umbilical cord tissue with NextCell Pharma AB's proprietary method. In addition, the company has a service called Cellaviva, Sweden's first and only IVO-approved stem cell bank for the family-saving of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.


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