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  • Find vacation peace with ASMR and binaural audio: Nextory releases this summer's most relaxing audiobook series

Find vacation peace with ASMR and binaural audio: Nextory releases this summer's most relaxing audiobook series

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Summer’s here and many people are enjoying some time off from work. However, it can be difficult to wind down and just enjoy the vacation. The book app Nextory wants to help holidaymakers relax, and is now releasing the audiobook series Satisfying Summer Sensations; sound experiences inspired by the summer with ASMR and binaural audio.

The audiobook series consists of five volumes with sounds for example from the beach, the garden and the forest. Each audiobook has elements of "binaural audio", which is an audio format with 3D effects that aims to recreate the places where the sounds were recorded. The audiobooks also contain sounds that trigger ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), which gives you a tickling feeling in your body. During the past couple of years, the internet phenomenon ASMR has taken the world by storm with millions of views on YouTube and TikTok.

– We often have high expectations for the summer and sometimes you simply forget to stop and enjoy everything. That's why Nextory has created this audiobook series. In five different parts, we bring you the most delightful moments from summer so that you can begin to relax and find the right summer sensation, says Magnus Nytell, Content Director at Nextory.

– Some people may feel a setback in their mood during the holidays. It is common to feel that we should be able to relax and calm down. It can lead to both stress and anxiety, but it’s not necessarily something to worry about. With external aid, we can actually practice how to calm down. We have different senses that can affect our mood. A clear example is that we get hungry for food when we sense the smell of for example pizza, says Rebecka Dahlgren, licensed Psychologist.

– Our hearing also influences our mood and ability to relax. A recommendation is to explore how you are affected by sounds. Some of us like guided meditations, some like calm songs and others like to listen to simple sounds. There’s lots of music and sounds aimed for relaxation, concludes Rebecka Dahlgren.

Here you can listen to Satisfying Summer Sensations:
Volume 1: Beach Breeze
Volume 2: Garden Ambiance
Volume 3: Forest Retreat
Volume 4: Vacation Vibe
Volume 5: Ocean Escape