Nextory enters agreement with the Norwegian publisher Aschehoug

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Nextory and Aschehoug, which is one of "the big three" publishers in Norway, have now agreed to enter a distribution agreement. After launch, Nextory will be able to offer Norwegian subscribers the largest selection of audiobooks and e-books.

Nextory plans to launch in Norway during the second quarter of the year. In addition to titles from Aschehoug, Nextory subscribers will also be able to listen to books from several other publishers, including Cappelen Damm, Strawberry, Vigmostad & Björke, Kagge, Samlaget and Goliat.

– We are happy that Aschehoug is onboard when we launch in Norway soon. Aschehoug, with its subsidiary Oktober, is an incredibly important publisher with great authors such as Jo Nesbø, Maja Lunde and Linn Ullman. We also believe that it’s good for the Norwegian book market that an independent subscription service is coming; both for authors and publishers as well as for consumers, says Magnus Nytell, Head of Expansion at Nextory.

– We are very pleased that we now also have an agreement with Nextory and we look forward to bringing Aschehoug's authors and books out to even more listeners and readers, says Åse Ryvarden, Publishing Director for literature at Aschehoug.

Nextory is now available in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Norway will be the eighth market launch for the book service and in 2021 there are plans to launch in several other European countries.