Nextory has launched in Norway

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Nextory's app is now available in Norway, which is the eighth market the streaming service launches in. Right from the start, Nextory has a gigantic selection of audiobooks and e-books with more than 270,000 titles in Norwegian and English.

Norwegian users can now, as in Nextory's other seven markets, choose between three different types of subscription: Silver, Gold and Family. Nextory offers books from the publishers Cappelen Damm, Aschehoug, Strawberry, Vigmostad & Bjørke, Kagge, Samlaget and Goliat, among others.

– We are very happy to finally be launching in Norway. The Norwegian streaming market for books has been locked for a long time as the main publishers have only sold their books through their own platforms. Nextory is now the first independent retailer with a very strong and wide catalogue. This gives us a strong position and allows us to develop the Norwegian book market, says Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder of Nextory.

Audiobooks and e-books increasingly popular
According to Leserundersøkelsen, which is carried out every two years on behalf of the booksellers' association and the publishers' association in Norway, Norwegians are a book-loving people. On average, the population read at least 13 books per person in 2019. Also, the consumption of audiobooks and e-books are increasing rapidly. The number of people that have used a streaming service to listen to audiobooks was 16 percent in 2019, which is an increase by 9 percentage points compared to the previous survey.

– Norwegians have always been fond of good stories and good literature, so we believe that many will appreciate our gigantic catalogue. It’s fun to see that digital formats are becoming increasingly popular and that the amount of people listening to books is constantly growing. We know that 80 percent that start using Nextory read and listen to more books than before, so we hope to be able to contribute to increased book consumption in Norway as well, says Magnus Nytell, Chief Content Officer at Nextory.