Nextory is now launched in Spain

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Earlier this year, Nextory acquired the Spanish book service Nubico. The two apps have now been merged and today Nextory has launched for readers and listeners in Spain. Right from the start, Nextory will offer readers and listeners a gigantic catalogue of audiobooks, e-books and magazines with more than 300.000 titles in both Spanish and English.

With the Spanish launch, the Nextory app is now available in nine markets around Europe. In Spain, Nextory will have the unique advantage as the only service that offers books and magazines in the same app.

– We have had our eyes on the Spanish book market for quite some time and we have only been waiting for the right moment to launch. When we had the opportunity to acquire the Spanish app Nubico, we felt that the timing was right for us. Now we are very much looking forward to increasing reading and listening all over Spain by offering the widest range of books and magazines in the Spanish market, says Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder at Nextory.

Nubico changes name to Nextory
In June 2021, Nextory acquired the Spanish book service Nubico, which was Spain's largest, local streaming service for e-books and magazines. Nubico was previously owned by the leading publishing group Grupo Planeta and the global telecom operator Telefónica.

– So far, the expansion in Spain has been a fantastic journey. We are really proud that we successfully have managed to complete Nextory's first acquisition, despite the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Now we will focus on establishing the Nextory brand in Spain and maintain strategic alliances with the publishing house Grupo Planeta and the telecom company Telefónica, which will increase our opportunities to market books to get people all over Spain to read and listen more than ever before, concludes Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder at Nextory.