Nextory is preparing to launch in Norway - agreement signed with Cappelen Damm

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Nextory and Norway's largest publisher Cappelen Damm have agreed to enter a distribution agreement. Nextory can now also reveal that a launch in Norway will take place before the summer of 2021.

When launching the Norwegian Nextory app, Cappelen Damm's large audiobook catalog will be available to readers and listeners in Norway. Nextory is now available in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Norway will be the eighth market launch for the book service and in 2021 there are plans to launch in several other European countries.

– We are very pleased that we at Nextory and Cappelen Damm have landed an agreement that is very beneficial for both parties. In addition, we also have agreements with other publishers, such as Strawberry, Vigmostad & Björke, Kagge, Samlaget and Goliat. But we wanted Cappelen Damm to jump onboard before launching. In recent years, the listening of audiobooks in Norway has had an amazing development boosted by subscription services. However, we are convinced that there is great potential for continued development that we want to be part of and contribute to, says Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder at Nextory.

A strong end to 2020
Nextory has seen a large increase of new subscribers to the service during 2020. The number of newly started subscriptions increased by as many as 80 percent during the year compared to 2019. Nextory's subscribers have also read and listened to books more than ever before. Each person completed an average of 10 percent more books last year.