Nextory is preparing to launch in the Netherlands

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Nextory is now planning to launch in another European country and will launch in the Netherlands in December 2020. It will be the seventh market that will get access to Nextory's giant library of audiobooks and eBooks.

Since the start in Sweden in 2015, Nextory has grown rapidly and has become the second largest streaming service for digital books on the Swedish market. Over the past three years, the app has also been successfully launched in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Nextory is now planning to launch on the Dutch market.

– The Netherlands is a digital mature market where many people are already used to digital subscriptions and streaming services for books. Therefore, there is a great potential for Nextory in the promised land of tulips and we will have the majority of the all Dutch books that are digitized from the beginning, says Shadi Bitar, CEO and founder at Nextory.