Nextory launches magazine in Sweden - signs an agreement with Aller Media

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Nextory, one of Europe's fastest growing streaming services for audiobooks and e-books, has signed an agreement with the media house Aller Media and is now launching digital magazines. Thereby, the company broadens its offering on the Swedish market and becomes the first streaming service in Sweden to offer both books and magazines - in the same app.

Nextory's launch of magazines in Sweden is in line with the company's strategy to add several different media formats to enrich its subscribers' experience. Since before, Nextory also offers newspapers and magazines in Spain and France.

– We are very happy that Aller Media is now on board as the first newspaper publisher in Nextory's Swedish app. Our subscribers have requested magazines and expressed that it would be convenient to have books and magazines in one app. Therefore, this investment is a natural step for us. This will enrich the experience in the app, without costing our subscribers anything extra, says Magnus Nytell, Chief Content Officer at Nextory.

We are very pleased to have an agreement with Nextory and we look forward to growing together. The fact that even more readers now get access to our magazines via a platform that suits them is great, says Hanne Nikolaisen, Chief Commercial Officer at Aller Media.

More publishers on the way
Nextory is currently in discussions with several other publishers and expects to soon add additional magazines and newspapers to its catalog. The hope is to soon be able to offer magazines in English and other European languages.

Carolina Laurén
Head of PR

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