Nexus Delivers Biometry Solution to the Danish Air Force

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Nexus Delivers Biometry Solution to the Danish Air Force In October, Technology Nexus Danmark A/S delivered a biometry-based solution for access control to the Danish Air Materiel Command, FMK, which is an important part of the Danish armed forces. The solution is the first biometry-based delivery to the Danish Air Force and other units within the Danish armed forces are expected to follow soon. This solution increases security, creates greater accessibility and makes it easier for users to share workplaces and gain secured access to centralised applications and information. FMK has an isolated intranet and an "open" intranet with Internet access. The first phase concerns access control in the open intranet, but FMK will also test the solution within the isolated intranet. The solution has attracted much attention internally and is most appreciated, particularly by the users. "We are very pleased that FMK chose a biometry solution from Nexus in Denmark. FMK's stringent security requirements and their choice of Nexus as a supplier are important to us and will most likely entail a breakthrough for biometry solutions in the Danish market," says Troels Moe, head of Nexus in Denmark. FMK is one of more than twenty companies/organisations in Europe that have chosen Nexus Danmark (formerly Lindhard eTechnology) as a supplier of solutions for secure access control, such as Single Sign On and role- based access control. Among other customers we find Telia, Telenor, Ericsson, TDC, Nokia, JP Morgan, ISS and certain companies within the A.P. Möller Group. For further information, contact: Niels Madelung, Sales Manager, Technology Nexus Danmark A/S, e-mail:, mobile +45 24 28 14 73. Henrik Halvorsen, Vice VD Technology Nexus AB, e-mail:, mobile +46 705 11 39 49. Facts about Technology Nexus AB Technology Nexus AB (publ.), listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, has specialised in the development and supply of secured IT solutions to improve clients' profitability. Nexus works not only with end-clients, but also as a development partner for clients with very high quality requirements. Nexus' vision is to be a leading partner for secured solutions in the digital economy. Nexus has around 440 employees, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Linköping (head office), Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås, Borlänge, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid, and New Jersey. More information is available at E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: